Heaven and Earth: Battle Companions

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The work on the upcoming update Heaven and Earth is in full swing. We'll be introducing a lot of new features and perks. Let us tell you about some of them. This article focuses on the Battle Companions.
Battle Companions are players' loyal combat partners. They will be happy to keep you company on the battlefield or in the arena, but you can't summon them in Starshatter Island, Faerie's Funland, or in Territory Wars.
There are three types of Battle Companions in the game: normal, rare, and super rare.
You will receive your first Battle Companion: Astera by mail upon launch of Heaven and Earth if you have already progressed through Emerald Falls, if you are new to Nuanor, you will receive Astera throughout the first part of the story.
They can be obtained through daily and weekly events, the Temple of the Twelve 5-man dungeon, Holy Treasure Maps, and various other places throughout Nuanor.


Power and Stats

You can upgrade Battle Companions by killing enemies, participating in daily and weekly quests, training them and more.
The Companion Array is an interface where you can have up to 4 Battle Companions, 3 revolving around. along with 1 Battle Companion at the center of the Array. This provides players with extra benefits in stats based on the 4 guarding Battle Companions. The stats this can increase are Maximum Health, Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense.


Their attributes are divided into three categories: basic attributes, main stats, and bonus stats. Basic attributes are Strength, Dexterity, Spirit, Vigor and Intelligence. Maximum Health, Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense are combat stats. Bonus Stats represent a whole lot of extra stats, such as combo series and combo strike resistance, critical damage and resistance to critical hits, ability regeneration speed, and many others.
Each Battle Companion has their own specialty, a special Fury Ability, and a number of class talents that are determined randomly the first time you summon them. They can also acquire some universal skills. However, only eight of them can be leveled up to the maximum level using special Skill Keys of the first, second, or third grade and you can reset them for a fee any time you like!


You can use Battle Companion Skill Keys or "Gain Aptitude" to obtain Battle Companion Skills. They may gain Aptitude when they are upgraded or gain Intimacy. You may obtain a random skill when you unlock a skill slot, but it is not definite.Use the Battle Companion Skill Keys in the Battle Companion Skill panel, and your companion has a chance to learn a next level skill. Use a high level Battle Companion Skill Key and you are guaranteed to replace a lower level skill with one of a higher grade.
Battle Companion Skill Keys can be obtained through Guild Auctions, Noble Treasures, The Temple of the Twelve, Time Warp, Holy Treasure Maps, and more.

We will introduce you to the Intimacy system with Battle Companions in an upcoming article, so stay tuned!

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