Heaven and Earth: Battle Companion Intimacy System

Heaven and Earth arrives on May 27! Learn more about the update!

Battle Companions come with a key system: Intimacy. This is important as it will improve your Battle Companions effectiveness in combat! So, let’s explain what it does and how to obtain it!


When leveling up your Battle Companions Intimacy level, it will do the following:

  • Increases passive, talents and awakened skill levels
  • Increases Physical and Magical Attack, Physical and Magical Defense, and maximum HP.
  • When leveling Intimacy, you have a chance to learn a random Skill for your Battle Companion.

If you have less than 5 skill slots unlocked and all of them are full, you have a chance to unlock a skill slot along with a skill. If you have empty slots, you have a chance to directly learn a new skill.
Intimacy strengthens your Battle Companion! So, how do you obtain Intimacy? Read on!
The key point is, where possible, always have your Battle Companion summoned by your side. There are many sources of Intimacy, including:

  • Completing the Main Questline.
  • Defeating enemies within a level gap of 5 levels.
  • Daily and Weekly Events.
  • Taking care of your Battle Companion via a Maid NPC in your Safe Haven Apartment.
  • Consuming Intimacy Items. If you don’t know where to get them, press F7 when hovering over the item.

Take note: Synergy Horns provide more/less Intimacy based on the Quality of the item. Acacia Branches increase 1 Intimacy Level directly. However, the Acacia Branches have a limited usage per Battle Companion.
EXP Overflow Conversion happens when your Battle Companion has reached its maximum level. When defeating monsters, completing daily/weekly events or quests, a partial amount of this EXP earned will be converted into Intimacy.
Intimacy is a very important system to boost your Battle Companions effectiveness! So remember to take good care of them.

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