Guild Activities: Bulletin Board

Welcome to our collection of guides regarding Guild Activities. Here we’ll be providing some insight into the Guild Bulletin Board, one of the many things you can expect to see once you enter a guild. The bulletin board itself is an important source of tasks and quests that provide various rewards, experience points, and assistance with building and maintaining your guild base.


Guild Bulletin Tasks

These tasks can typically be performed a number of times a day as a means of guild maintenance, helping to improve your base and catering to its residents, such as hastening construction times or keeping NPC services in top condition – not to mention individual XP and rewards.


There are 4 types of tasks:

  • Comfort NPC: This can be done up to 3 times a day. While it may not give player experience, it will decrease the fatigue of NPCs, which is important given that fatigued NPCs simply don’t operate at peak efficiency. To use the specific quest item, open your inventory, go to the QUEST tab and then right click the item while the NPC of choice is selected. You can usually find these NPCs around the guild base or within the NPC resident area.
  • Construction: Each player can do these 4 times a day per building to help speed up the construction. Naturally, this is only available if the guild is actually building something. Aside from the obvious benefit, this bulletin also rewards you with blue book pages.
  • Exploration: Each player can do these 3 or 4 times a day (quest & availability dependant) to help speed up the exploration of a guild base. New guild bases need to be explored before land to construct new buildings can be unlocked. This quest rewards a good amount of experience along with blue book pages, though it’s only available if the guild has an exploration job up.
  • Guild Challenge: The quest you get from this is random and changes every day, rewarding high levels of experience and pink book pages It is highly recommended that you perform this challenge at every opportunity alongside your guildmates. Below is a list of possible challenges you may receive – we’ve covered some due to their difficulty, though others have been skipped due to their straightforward nature.


Guild Challenge Bulletin Quest Guide

The guild bulletin board is but one of many guild activities you’ll be able to take part in once you’ve joined a guild. We’ll be highlighting many others in later articles, so stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure!

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