Guild Activities: Bosses

You don’t need to be a guild member to know that Nuanor is full of dangers, some of which are far more persistent than others. Rumour has it that some particularly nasty monsters have found a means to reappear on Nuanor on an hourly basis, causing havoc whenever left unchecked.

Such circumstances require the attention of dedicated guilds and their valiant members to purge these threats from Nuanor any chance they get. In return for performing these feats, participants are rewarded with Siderites, a guild centric resource that is used to grow and improve the guild itself, making it highly sought after due to its value.


Regardless of whether you wish to take on these vicious bosses for glory or reward, those of a level 50+ persuasion will require a Master Certificate – sold for 15k Imperial Coins by NPC’s outside of Scour Dungeons or 78 fealty from the guild treasury. These are used to assault guild-specific bosses in their own lair. However, if you are level 49 or under, you’ll instead be able to buy a lesser token for 10 Imperial Notes once a day, meaning everyone can still contribute to the cause. Once a ticket of either type is purchased, you can accept the guild quest inside the Scour Dungeon itself.


Now that you have everything you need, you’ll be able to enter a mirror-portal (next to the NPC) once per hour. This portal will begin to close after 10 minutes has passed or when the boss has been slain, whichever comes sooner. Should you succeed in defeating the boss, multiple free-for-all reward chests will drop, one of which contains the item you need to complete your guild quest. You’ll have two minutes to gather your rewards before being automatically teleported outside, so don’t hesitate!


Bear in mind that tickets are only required for the guild quest side of Scour Dungeons, thus they are not required for participating in Scour Dungeons in general. Given the public nature of the alternative, tickets are a good means of taking down these vile bosses in a more private setting, regardless of whether you wish to acquire the guild-specific quest reward or not.


Guild bosses are but one of many guild activities you’ll be able to take part in once you’ve joined a guild. We recently covered the Guild Bulletin Board and will be highlighting more in a future article, so stay tuned. Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure!

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