Wings allow you to gain new heights within Revelation Online by traversing the seamlessly open world through the skies.

There are many different types and variations of wings you can collect within the game. From robotic wings to wings made of flames, butterfly wings, and angel wings - there is a large amount of different wings for you to collect!


You can gain wings in various different ways in Revelation Online. Some wings are exclusive to certain vendors and factions, others can be gained by combining wings together and there will also be some available in the cash shop!

The Black Market

The Black Market is a favor store which offers you a quest on a daily basis. There are 4 NPCs located at various locations around Nuanor and will each offer you a quest. These quests become available at levels 35, 45, 55 and 65. By completing these quests you can increase your favor with the Black Market, which will in turn allow you to raise your card type with the faction.

Doing your favors for various factions are highly important for obtaining access to purchasing crafting materials, quest items and cosmetics - the more favors you do the higher your standing goes with the specific faction.

The Black Market offers you a chance to purchase Starlight Dragonfly Wings by obtaining 12 different Dragonfly Fragments from the other factions within Nuanor. You will need to boost your favor high enough to gain a gold card with the areas within Nuanor such as Sulan, Tidewater, Snowpine, Amanita Hamlet, Fort Whetstone and Sidus, while also increasing your favor with the Falmari, Ursids, Volopine, Northern Wolf, Wingar and the Qazri races. While obtaining the 12 fragments between these areas and races you will also want obtain a Dragonfly Repair Secret Tract to combine all of these fragments together to create this specific set of wings.

The Starlight Dragonfly Wings are the ONLY wings available by purely crafting them within the game, making them a very rare sight to see within Nuanor. Only those who increase their favor with the residence of Nuanor and the black market will have a chance at obtaining these wings.


Dungeon Wings

There are many dungeons within Revelation Online which offer you a chance to obtain a wide range of various items. Some of the items which are obtainable in dungeons are wing crafting materials!

• The Altar of Swords drops a crafting material which allows you to craft Pentrastrike wings
• The Tower of Pain drops a crafting material which allows you to craft Darkshadow Butterfly wings.
• Mech Citadel drops a crafting material which allows you to craft Celestial Pike wings.

Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers are materials which are needed for combining and advancing wings. You will need to purchase a Morph Featherstone from Osesenne Soorti in Sidus Ur. Next to him you will find a Wingar named Itaxstu Rosta who will allow you to transform the Morph Featherstone and Fine Feathers into a pair of wings of your choice.
You can obtain Fine Feathers by salvaging wings which are blue quality or higher or by opening Spirit Feather Boxes.


There are many ways in which you can obtain wings within the world of Revelation Online whether that be from dungeons, crafting or collecting items. You have a wide range of different ways to obtain the wings which you desire.

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