Special Skills

Special Skills are extremely important within the world of Revelation Online for people who strive to reach the top. These skills can turn the tables on the Battleground and can prevent wipes within Dungeons. Special Skills also increase your Might Rating which if you end up in the top 10 leader board for Might Rating you will be able to receive a title and a class costume!


There are 3 different types of Special Skills which are sorted by skill ratings:

  • 1 Star: These are the ones you obtain within the tutorial/story quests.
  • 2 Star: These are the ones you can buy using Special Skill Pages.
  • 3 Star: These are the ones you can buy using Special Skill - Broken Seals.

Players unlock their first 1-star special skill within the tutorial stage with Akuta at the beginning of the story. You can also receive one 3-star skill for free on the 7th consecutive login which starts automatically upon character creation.


You can buy 2-star skills at the Demonslayer Bookseller Ninis Zu who can be found in Sidus Ur but you are not limited to just visiting Ninis. You can also visit Bookseller Usveex Peos who resides at the Immortal Annex who will additionally provide you the opportunity to purchase 3-star skills.

To obtain 3-star skills you will need an Immortal Annex Silver ID Card, to get this card you will need to increase your favor with the faction by doing daily quests. Once you unlock the Silver ID card you will be able to purchase the 3-star skills.

Special Skill Pages

There are 2 types of different pages which you can use for Special Skills:

  • Special Skill Pages
  • Special Skill - Broken Seals

You can obtain Special Skill Pages by doing daily quests which you can find in your daily menu by pressing ‘U’. Some faction quests also offer you a chance to obtain these pages. You can also purchase pages from the Volopine Cita Ceres which runs the Faery Agency Outer Base Shop and from the Ausgyth shop as well.


To obtain Special Skill - Broken Seal pages you can also visit the same Volopine as you would do for Special Skill pages.

Levelling Skills

You can level up your Special Skills by using Dao and Sigils. There are 3 types of Dao within the game:

  • Sidus Dao (Level 1 Enlightenment)
  • Demonic Dao (Level 2 Enlightenment)
  • Divine Dao (Level 3 Enlightenment)

The amount required for each skill is dependant on the skill grade. If you have a 1-star skill it will only take a small amount compared to a 3-star skill.

Sigils are used to unlock paths within the Dao Tree faster.

  • Sidus Sigil (1-2 star skills only)
  • Demonic Sigil (2-3 star skills only)
  • Divine Sigil (3 star skills only)

For every Special Skill, there is Enlightenment and Paths within the Dao Tree. Enlightenment can only be used if you unlock the Dao Tree Path. The Dao Tree Paths are directly related to your Character Path and currently there are only 10 paths within the tree.

There are also 4 different Enlightenments with different effects for each one:

  • Red - Star Enlightenment allows you to increase overall power.
  • Orange - Beast Enlightenment allows you to reduce Special Skill costs.
  • Blue - Beast Enlightenment allows you to reduce cooldowns.
  • Green - Star Enlightenment has various effects.


You can reform your special skill enlightenment's by selecting ‘Reform Dao’ and you can return all Daos that you have invested in the Dao Tree by clicking on Return Scroll. When using Return Scroll you will need to visit the Imperial City Advanced Grocer Borfen Non to purchase special Removal Sigils dependant on what you used to unlock the paths in the beginning.

Your special skills will give you significant boosts to your damage and defence and it’s worth spending the time gathering these skills and upgrading them as they will help you through your journey to greatness within the world of Nuanor!

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