Soul Crystals & Soul Grid

The Soul Grid

The Soul Grid is a very important system that also requires a lot of time. Despite being capable of providing the most Might Score, it can easily be overlooked when gearing your character, so be sure to keep your eye on it over the course of your adventure.
The grid itself contains 8 outer crystals, 4 inner crystals, and one class specific crystal, each one providing different stats and a certain number of elements (fleeces).

Soul Grid Types

There are multiple soul grid types in the game. For example, before level 55 (during the levelling process) you will obtain them by doing the orange quests (so be sure check the Available Quests tab after each level up). However, you will receive the last type of soul grid (the most powerful of all) at level 55. There are multiple types of this soul grid with different stat effects.

NOTE: If you’ve picked the wrong soul grid, you can buy others from the Imperial Society Advanced Vendor for 700 Army Coins, provided you have the necessary Silver 2 Stars rank to do so.

You can also acquire them from Guardian Advanced Weapons for 1,000 Demonslayer Points (provided you have Demonslayer Rank 5).


Soul Grid Effects

You can also acquire additional stat bonuses through this system according to the number of elements (fleeces) and Runes you currently have (based on the equipped soul crystals). As long as you meet the fleece and rune requirements for a bonus, you will obtain said bonus for your Soul Grid. This effect can stack, or even provide stronger chain effects. This means you can try different Soul Crystal combinations to get the desired Soul Grid Bonuses.


You can check out these bonuses using the Soul Grid tab (Bonuses section), and also check their specific requirements by clicking on the Details tab next to said Bonus.

There is also another bonus system granted by the actual soul grid itself. Each soul grid (level 55) provides different bonuses, obtainable by going to the Imperial Society Vendor, as mentioned before:


You’ll need to meet certain criteria (which can be viewed via the item description, or via the soul grid tab - character window).

Fleeces & Runes

Soul Crystal Types

How To Obtain

How To Combine Crystals

You can combine crystals by clicking on the first icon under the inventory window. Lotus Flames will be required to combine the Soul Crystals, purchasable through the Ausgyth Vendor and the Cash Shop. The total requirement for combination are 1 Lotus Flame and 3 Soul Crystals.


NOTE: If you insert 2 different types or more into the combination, the final Soul Crystal will be random. However, if you use 3 of the same type, you will always receive the same type of the crystal you used.

Class Crystals:
Similar to other crystals, you can use the combine system to upgrade them. However, instead of combining 3 into 1, you will need 5 class crystals to combine into 1.


Switching Class Crystals Into Another Class’ Crystal:

Players can re-roll the Class Crystal they got and convert it to their respective classes by talking to the Soul Grid Master NPC.


Soul system mastery will come with practice and time, so until then, we hope you found this guide insightful. Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure!

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