Socketing Badges & Runes

Welcome to part two of our guide regarding the Badge and Rune system! Here we’ll be looking at the runes themselves and how to socket them.

Socketing Runes into Badges

To socket runes into a badge, said badge must have engraving slots (which only applies badges level 4 and higher). You can check how many slots your badges have by hovering your mouse over them – the first row you’ll see are runes.

To socket the rune, open your character window and click on the magnifying glass right next to the badge. A window will pop up and, depending on the level of your badge, there will be more or less carved slots available – to have all 5 rune slots, the badge must be level 6 or higher. Click on an available (non-engraved) slot and select the badge.


After you’re done socketing runes, you can check the results by checking out the item itself (and for more details, hit SHIFT while inspecting or mousing over it).

To remove them, click on the magnifying glass again and click "Remove", though bear in mind that you will be asked to pay a removal fee. You will not lose the rune, it will simply go back to your inventory.


Check our Runes Page for a full list of runes and their effects!

Now that you know how to experiment with Badges and Runes, we look forward to seeing what combinations you deem worthy of your hero. Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure!

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