Socketing marks into your equipment is a tremendous way to acquire better results on the battlefield in addition to awakening your gear and refining your equipment. You can improve your damage and reach new heights by acquiring Mana Wrench, Spell Resistance, Break Essence and Defence Essence as extra attributes and also by acquiring these you can obtain a better Gear Score which will change the better the Marks you equip.

  • Mana Wrench: Demon Break. Extra % damage done to monsters.
  • Spell Resistance: Demon Defence. Extra % defense against monsters.
  • Break Essence: Player Break. Extra % damage done to other players.
  • Defense Essence: Player Defence. Extra % defense against players.

Obtaining Marks

There are several ways to obtain Marks, you can get PVP marks from the PVP Army Coins Shop and World Bosses, PVE Marks can be obtained from the Demonslayer Shop and can also be obtained from World Bosses.


PVP Rewards

By Playing PVP Battleground Matches you can gain Valor Points, which are used in both the PVP Reward System and the Rankings which are weekly. You will always win a certain quantity of Valor Points per match, even if you lose the match. By hitting weekly Valor Points milestones, you can get a Battle League Reward chest which will provide you with PVP Marks.

World Bosses

Along with Soul Grid Crystals, World Bosses can also drop PVE and PVP Marks, currently, there are 2 categories of bosses within the game known as Demon Kings and Beast Kings with each category containing 3 bosses.

  • Demon Kings - Spectrum Overlord, Slayer Vestas and Hogwash
  • Beast Kings - Bloodclaw Wolf, Thunderhorn and Zygos and Mycos

You can access the world bosses by going to the Event Window by pressing the “O” shortcut on your keyboard and navigating to the ‘Equipment Tag’.


Socketing Marks

You do not need an NPC when socketing marks into your equipment. Under your general skills tab which can be classed by pressing the “N” shortcut on your keyboard there will be a gem image.

Combining Marks

If you are familiarized with the Soul Grid Combination system, this is practically the same, apart from the fact you need 4 marks of the same type and rank (you cannot create random marks by combining different marks). To open the combining system, open your inventory and click the first icon which has the appearance of a circular gemstone next to the hammer.

Unlocking Marks Slots

You can unlock more Mark slots by obtaining an item known as Dragonspike. This item can be purchased through the Curious Shop by using Curious Beads and Ausgyth Points.


PVE Contracts

You can obtain tradable PVE/PVP Marks visiting Guardian Grocer Borfen Zur, which you can purchase with Demonslayer Points and visiting Imperial City Advanced Grocer Borfen Non, where you can purchase PVP Marks using your Army coins which you obtain through Battlegrounds. To get better PVP Marks you will need an item known as Imperial Society Shop Rune which you can only obtain by gaining PVP and Demonslayer Chests.

By obtaining marks and socketing them into your equipment you will give yourself an edge over those that have not done the same both in damage and defence, so it is always worth investing the time in acquiring these marks in order to gain the use of your equipment to its fullest potential.


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