Equipment Refining

There are many ways in which you’re able to gain strength and power in Revelation Online, today we’re going to go into more detail about Equipment Refining and how it will help you on your path to greatness.


Refining your Equipment

In order to refine your equipment you first need to locate the Refinement NPC which appears in all major cities.

Gold equipment refinement falls into two brackets, all equipment up to level 49 can be refined up to a maximum of +10, however, the equipment up to level 79 can be refined to a maximum of +16. Refinement of your gear will generally gain you one additional stat (HP, Attack, Armor or Defense) depending on which item slot it belongs and along with the class, it belongs to.

  • Armor & Necklace will increase your maximum HP
  • Main hand & Offhand weapons will increase either Magic or Physical Attack depending on the weapon
  • Earrings & Rings will increase your Physical or Magic Armor.

As you progress and upgrade to new equipment you will have the option to transfer your refinement levels to the new equipment. It's also worth noting that demonslayer crafts will also carry over your refinement levels.

At higher refinement levels, there is a chance that your transfer could fail, resulting in the loss of +1 refinement level. You will have the option to spend materials to repair this loss if a transfer does fail to take to your new equipment.


Equipment Stats

All refinement levels have a range of percentage of a stat that you will gain at each level of refinement. A +10, for example, will have a greater stat gain range than a +1. While the stat gain you receive from refinement is random, you can increase the number of materials you’re using in order to increase the odds of gaining the maximum effect for that enhancement level.

If you’re unhappy with how your refinement went and want to try to get a better result for that particular level you have the ability to reroll that level to try for a higher stat gain.

In order to refine your equipment, you will need to acquire the material which is listed on the refinement screen. Simply use the required amount of materials that were used in the attempt. You are able to increase the number of materials which can be used on an attempt by pressing the + button. Reaching 100% guarantees you a successful refinement attempt, with anything above that increasing the chances of a higher stat gain for that refinement level.


Obtaining Materials

You can obtain refinement materials at the Sulan Bridge portal (5477, -1983, 9) by approaching the NPC known as Cita Ceres. You will need to purchase Peculiar Tickets and exchange them into Curious Beads as Cita will only accept Curious Beads and Ausgyth points in exchange for the materials. Additional Curious beads can be used to offset the amount of Ausgyth points you need to spend.
You can also purchase refinement materials from the Ausgyth vendor along with other materials to help the speed up your character's progression. You are able to obtain Ausgyth points just by levelling up, by the time you reach level 59 you should have approximately 70,000 Ausgyth points. Alternatively you can buy a Nine Chain Chest from the cash shop to gain a random amount of Ausgyth points.

Hidden Stats

When you reach refinement levels of +5 +9 and +13, your equipment will receive an additional stat. You’re able to see these additional stats by pressing the shift key and hovering your cursor over your equipment in your character menu. The type of stat that you will gain from these are random and come in 4 different grades:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gold

If you are unsatisfied with the stat that you were given you have the option to re-roll this by using the Venerate Renew option at the same Refinement NPC. This will, however, cost you refinement materials. Hidden Stats will also be transferable to new equipment if they can be applied to that particular equipment slot; otherwise, a new stat will be re-rolled.

Refining your equipment requires a little bit of knowledge and investment that will no doubt be able to translate into a much greater boost when raiding challenging dungeons. Make sure to delve in the countless variations of gear and bonus stats to find the perfect equipment matching your game style and be on top of any encounters!

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