Character Paths

Character Paths are unavoidable for players that want to become the best and reach the very top of their rank. Not only do they provide additional stats, they also increase the amount of Skill Cultivation your character can learn - which is essential.


There are 6 stages within the Character Progression paths and each path can only be obtained at a specific level:

  • Novitiate (Level 29)
  • Journeyman (Level 39)
  • Wanderer (Level 49)
  • Adventurer (Level 59)
  • Intrepid (Level 69)
  • Conqueror (Level 79)

Before you can unlock each path once you’ve reached the required level, it will ask for an Elemental Essence which can be obtained by doing the respective path quest. These quests are your orange Practice and Growth quests.


A metal plated card pops-up on your screen notifying you have unlocked a new path, you also gain an achievement!

Reaching a high enough level isn’t the only requirement needed to break through paths, as you will also need to achieve various other things such as:

  • Learn X Flying Skill
  • Activate X Skill Points
  • Earn X Skill Cultivation Points
  • Learn X Skill Cultivation Points
  • Channel Dao for X Special Skills
  • Upgrade X Special Skills to Level X

While you may not need to do all of these for every path, some paths will require you to do so some of these. You can find more information in your character menu which you can access by pressing ‘C’, then navigating to the ‘Paths’ tab.

You will need to learn at least 1 basic flying skill (1-Star Skill) and 1 advanced flying skill (3-Star Skill). These can be obtained from the Imperial Society Bookseller Ninis Mar.


To buy an advanced flying skill, you will need the following:

  • Army Coins
  • Special Skill - Broken Seal
  • PvP Rank

You will acquire 2 free 1-Star flying skills from the Progress and Growth quests line; but in case you delete or misplace them, you can also purchase them from Ninis Mar.

We discussed Army Coins, Special Skill - Broken Seal and PvP Rank in our previous Special Skills article.


You will also need to cultivate your skills to open up some of your characters’ skills. To do this, you will need to unlock a certain amount of skill cultivation points which you get from levelling up. Upgrading and cultivating your skills require Excelsior and Imperial Notes. You can also use experience and Imperial Coins if you do not have the right amount of Excelsior and Imperial Notes.

‘Annex Benediction’ allows you to unlock more skill cultivation and can be purchased from your respective class Skill Trainer in Sidus Ur.

For the smaller cultivation books it will require you to spend 8 Annex Benediction. If you strive for advanced cultivation books, you’d better save up your Annex Benediction as you will need a lot!

Progression is an important part of your characters’ development and proceeding to fine tune your hero to your own playstyle will benefit not only you, but your fellow Guardians as well!
Stay tuned for more guides on character progression!

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