Relationship: Intimacy Points

Welcome to our guide regarding Intimacy Points! Here we’ll be providing some insight into one of the many factors that revolve around the marriage system of Revelation Online.


Intimacy Points

Intimacy points can be obtained in many ways whilst playing with friends within Revelation Online. Some of these are capped daily, while others have no cap. Here’s a breakdown of how they can be acquired:

  • Chatting via the conversation window with your friends. You will receive 2 points per message ~ daily cap of 30 points.
  • Duelling with your partner. You will both receive 25 points each per duel ~ daily cap of 50 points.
  • Level 40+ monsters killing spree while being in a group with your friend. You will receive 1 point per mob ~ weekly cap of 1,500 points.
  • Activate slayer mode and battle other players in the open world while in a group with your friend. You will receive 5 points per kill ~ weekly cap of 500 points.
  • Special intimacy items ~ weekly cap of 5,000 points when using these items, so be sure to monitor the cap before consuming these items or the points may be wasted.
  • Faction wars allow you to gain 120 points per war while in a group with your friend.
  • Clearing dungeons together when in a party. The amount of points you earn depends on the dungeon and its difficulty level ~ no cap.
  • Player versus Player. You will receive 40 points per match in arenas and 120 per match in battlegrounds ~ no cap.
  • Mentor and Disciple skill. If one of you is a mentor to the other, you can use this skill on your friend/partner to gain 2 points per skill usage ~ no cap.


Intimacy can be checked via the friends panel. This can be opened using the ‘P’ key (default). As your intimacy increases, you’ll notice there are more hearts next to the person you are gaining these points with. Each heart represents your current maximum intimacy.

  • One heart symbolises 200 Intimacy.
  • Two hearts symbolise 1,000 intimacy.
  • Three hearts symbolise 3,000 intimacy.
  • Four hearts symbolise 6,000 intimacy.
  • Five hearts symbolise 10,000 intimacy.
  • Six hearts symbolise 15,000 intimacy.
  • Seven hearts symbolise 21,000 intimacy.
  • Eight hearts symbolise 28,000 intimacy.
  • Nine hearts symbolise anything over 28,000.


Once a sufficient amount of intimacy has been generated between two players, they can then consider marriage! Stay tuned for our upcoming follow-up guides on marriage and its benefits, as well as divorce (for those who have fallen out of love, or are simply hoping to dedicate the benefits of marriage to someone else).

-The Revelation Online Team

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