Relationship: Getting Married

Marriage is a beneficial feature that becomes available to players who have generated a certain amount of intimacy points with each other, so if you are considering marriage in Revelation Online, be sure to check out our previous guide on Intimacy Points and how to acquire them.


Getting Married

The marriage process can be started by forming a group/party with the friend you wish to marry, then entering a specific instance which appears at Nimbus Keep (the top area of the map). There are no gender restrictions when it comes to marriage within Revelation Online, meaning two players of the same gender can marry each other.

Once inside the marriage instance you’ll need to approach Rochin, residing in the middle of the map under a tree between the other 2 NPCs that are present there. She will give you two options for your wedding, the first being a cheap option which will cost you 50,000 Imperial Coins, and the second being a fancy option which will cost you 300,000 Imperial Coins.
Please note that the leader of the group will be chosen to pay any required marriage fees.

The fancy option is for players who wish to make it a very special occasion, allowing friends and guildmates to be invited to the occasion, whilst also spawning items for these ‘guests’ to interact with during their stay. Regardless of the option you choose, the marriage benefits are absolutely identical, thus the cheap option is present for those who are simply looking to reap the rewards with no fancy extras.


Marriage Benefits

There are many benefits to being married within the world of Nuanor, the first being that you will both unlock a cosmetic title which has your partner’s name within it.

You will also unlock a new action which you can use at the Hot Springs. You can find this action by pressing ‘N’ (default), its respective icon appearing as a hand with 3 orbs above it (there is another similar icon which is for mentoring). While it is visually similar to the mentoring action, it actually has many differences. There is no daily time limit at all on the use of this action and it gives a boost to the experience you gain from drinking Wine within the Spa (the boost amount itself depends on your level). It is worth noting that you will not gain any intimacy points from this action.

The third benefit you receive is additional weekly valor reward points earned within the battleground for both you and your spouse. However, this only applies when playing in battlegrounds together.


Finally, you also will have access to the marriage skills that you can locate within the ‘Intimacy Skills’ tab of the action menu. These skills will be greyed out at first as you will need to acquire the specific skill books to activate them. These 3 books can be dropped from the Grand Bulwark - Slaughter Dungeon mode.

The first book is called ‘Form Pact - Box of Joy’, unlocking the ability to create food for your partner that will heal them when consumed.

The second book is called ‘Form Pact - Eternal Friendship’ which allows you to revive your partner.

The third and final skill is a book known as ‘Form Pact - Permanent Alliance’, which you can use to summon your partner anywhere within Nuanor.


In short, marriage is a great way to improve your life in Nuanor while side-by-side with that special someone. If you are considering marriage, then be sure you choose the right person for you. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, don’t worry, we’ll be explaining how to ‘divorce’ your Revelation Online spouse in our next guide – stay tuned!

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