In-Game Promotion: Guardians of the Skies

Get special rewards when you participate in the Guardian of the Skies Promotion, from now until May 3, 2021 (05:00 server time)! Soar stylishly through the skies in special cosmetics like the Skyborne Harmony Wings and Skyfeather Fashion, just by spending Aurum. The more you spend, the more rewards you earn.
For every set of rewards you receive, you’ll receive one guaranteed reward along with a choice of two extra rewards! Not got enough Aurum? No problem! You can top up your Aurum and start riding the wings of victory.

Top Up Aurum

1 / 1
Skyborne Harmony Wings
Skyfeather Clasp
Wingarian Blessing
Skyfeather Suit
Skyfeather Dress
Skyfeather Maiden Dress
Skyfeather Halo (male)
Skyfeather Halo (female)

Aurum Spent Guaranteed Reward Reward Choice #1 Reward Choice #2
1,000 1x Crusade Scroll Fragment Wingarian Blessing Enchanted Power Stone
2,000 2x Crusade Scroll Fragment Skyfeather Head Accessory Advanced Skill Key Chest x2
5,000 3x Crusade Scroll Fragment Skyfeather Apparel Diluted Royal Ink
10,000 4x Crusade Scroll Fragment Skyborne Harmony Wings Divine Upgrade Featherstone
20,000 5x Crusade Scroll Fragment You will be able to get the remaining items that you didn’t previously choose. -

To choose your items, head to the in-game store and select the ‘Guardians of the Skies’ icon. Once you have chosen your rewards, they will be automatically sent to your in-game mail.
IMPORTANT: Only Aurum that is spent in the in-game store will be eligible for rewards, regardless of whether you exchanged the Aurum or purchased it on the website. Gifts also count towards the promotion.

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