First Contact Update Now Live

Our First Contact Update is now live in English - and in French and German!

It’s been hard work and we’d like to thank everyone for their valuable feedback and input. We’ve gathered some quotes from our translation team. Here’s what they had to say:

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Ty Parr, Game Producer
Jenny Müller, German Localization Lead
Linda Weikert, QA Localization Specialist
Tommy Lobo, French Localization Lead
Volop Dichter, English Localization Lead

First Contact also brings the cross-server, which allows you to log on and play together or against each other. 3 vs 3 arenas or battlefields - anything goes!

If you are a new player, a returnee or a veteran looking for a fresh start, be sure to check out our new EU-based server Emollion!

If you need some help to get started, consider buying one of our First Contact Packs!

Before you hop into the game, make sure to check if you are launching the game in the correct language. To do so, simply head to the Revelation Online page in the game center and click the button next to Language. A drop-down menu appears where you can choose between EN, DE and FR.


Got feedback or found a bug? We’d love to hear about it! Please visit our Feedback Hub to access the form. Make sure to check out our FAQ and Known Issues Thread before submitting your feedback.

Our heroes have been spread out for too long. It’s time we gave them the space to get together to share their commonalities and sort out their differences!


How do I join cross-server battles?
The same way as before: Just click the crossed swords icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Or you can press H on the keyboard. We’ve made all normal battles cross-server.
What modes are cross-server?
3 vs 3 arenas, 10 vs 10, 20 vs 20, and 30 vs. 30 battlefields.
Is the guild tournament cross-server?
Not for now. We're planning to add it in a later update.
What happened to the cross-server Auction House?
Due to technical difficulties, we have postponed this feature to a later update.
Will we get server transfers?
In previous communications we have discussed different possibilities such as allowing transfers to FR and DE players to transfer to their own language-specific server. These discussions are now void. We will not be opening language specific servers as we overcame the hurdle of having language tied to server and instead opted for having languages available regardless of server - this allows all communities to enjoy their current server and play in the language of their choice.

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