First Contact Update Coming Soon

We're excited to announce that First Contact is coming to Nuanor soon, bringing you Cross-Server battles and two new languages: French and German!

The French and German versions will allow those of you to enjoy the game in your native languages, make new friends and create bonds which could spark new competitive rivalries.

Cross-Server allows you to partake in enthralling adventures and ruthless battles side by side with players from your region, which will host the following features:

In addition to our Cross-Server features, a new EU server is being added, and with it new players, beginnings, and friends. This server is perfect for those wanting a fresh start with new people, and a place to build a community and thrive alongside new players who are just starting their adventure in Nuanor.
In First Contact, anything is possible!


Stay tuned for more details about First Contact by keeping an eye on our latest announcements, Facebook or Twitter and joining the conversation on our Discord channel!

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