Extended maintenance: Compensation for players

Hello everyone,

We have confirmation regarding the compensation we will be giving to all players for play-time lost due to server wide maintenance these last two days.

All players will receive experience and Imperial Notes based upon the in-game level of the character they choose to redeem the compensation, and 10,000 Bronze Shards.

Please read the steps below to ensure you are able to receive our offer:
1) Upon logging in you will be presented with a pop-up suggesting you accept the Compensation Package.

  • If you do not want this character to accept the compensation, please exit the interface.
  • If you would like this character to accept the compensation, please select Claim.

2) After you have approved the compensation package, your character will be sent to an NPC that grants level based Experience and Imperial Notes. You will also receive 10,000 Bronze Shards available for pick up at the Mailbox / Postal Attendant (e.g. Sulan Bridge (5544, -1956, 9)).
If you decided not to accept the compensation on the character you logged in with, the offer will be extended to all other characters until it is accepted by a character of your choice.
Please note: Compensation is only available for players between the levels of 20 and 79.
This package will be available until January 1st. After January 1st the offer will expire. We strongly suggest you claim the compensation as soon as possible.
We will be launching this on the EU servers shortly, with the NA servers following at a later time. For more updates continue to visit us here on this thread.
Thank you for your patience and support,
The Revelation Online Team

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