European guild codex won international challenge

Codex guild took everyone by surprise by entering a Russian event hosted on the Chinese server and defeating the Eternal Chasm challenge. An outstanding victory as only Codex managed to defeat the mighty boss and showed that Europe has some serious contestants to rely on in the future.


The Event Rules

They were provided with level 79 characters and had just 10 attempts within a 2-hour period to defeat the abyss Dragon on the Chinese closed Press server. This was done on the hardest difficulty of this dungeon without any prior practice before attempting this boss on that difficulty setting.

Codex’s tactic worked for the best

Codex studied Chinese streamers, video and text guides to prepare themselves for this mighty challenge. They even went and practiced what tactics they could of this fight on the level 59 version which was similar. This gave them some time to get used to the positioning and movement mechanics that are involved with this fight.


With Glory comes rewards!

Codex was offered an interview with extending their reputation far beyond our European and North American communities but further east in the Russian and Chinese communities also.
We would like to thank them for showing our communities in a competitive light and also congratulate them with several Founder packs to help establish their foothold on the Revelation Online scene.

The Interview

Additionally we share our members excerpts of the interview that you can still read in full on

Q: Hi guys! Tell us, who came up with the idea to participate in this challenge and why did you agree?
A: Hey GoHa.Ru! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to share more about Codex with the rest of the Russian community! [..] I believe the reason we agreed to participate in the challenge was because, when we watched the previous guilds do the attempts, many of our members kept saying «we could do this so much better!». One of our Russian member (Zippo) asked if a non-Russian guild was allowed to take part, and when we got told that you would invite us if we want we decided to go for it.

Q: What are your thoughts about Revelation Online? What was the reasons behind decision to participate in it?
A: Revelation Online has a lot of content and you get rewarded for playing as a guild. The game offers so many activities, and you get a lot of rewards for playing even the easiest event. This means that there is always something fun to do between wars or dungeon raids.

Q: Tell us about founding of your Guild. Who was its leader and founder? What does your guild's name mean?
A: Codex originated in 2010 when Deioth saw the need for an English community Guild in the Korean MMORPG, TERA. The idea behind Codex was to «create a competitive guild founded on discovering and sharing information while always striving to improve as a player».



Once again congratulations to Codex of the EU server for the strength and tenacity it took to manage this great achievement.

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