The Eternal Chasm is Widening

It is nearly time, hero. In the center of Nuanor, the gaping maw of the Eternal Chasm has widened, inviting you all to brave its depths in the hopes of securing coveted Eternal Chasm gear sets and the extremely rare fire-dinosaur mount, the ‘Flameborn Tyrant’, though bear in mind that no eternal treasure can be earned without trial and tribulation at the hands of the chasm’s twisted residents and its constantly alternating layouts.


Grab your finest equipment and prepare yourself for server first attempts. If that isn’t incentive enough to risk life and limb, then consider the opportunity to showcase your dominance on the back of your very own flaming dinosaur – and those are only a small portion of wealth that can be plucked from the jaws of this perilous dungeon.


Can you handle the new difficulties, bosses and modes, or will you be swallowed whole, never to return? Will you seek to conquer the treacherous new difficulties before everyone else, or methodically pick the Eternal Chasm apart, piece by piece? Time will tell, for the Eternal Chasm will soon open its mouth and dare all of Nuanor to enter.


Looking for more information before you take the perilous plunge? Don’t fret – we’ll have another article on the specifics of Eternal Chasm in the near future, so take the time to bolster your soul and prepare for the dangers to come.

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