Enjoy a Warm Welcome when you Return to Revelation Online!

Expect to be greeted with open arms when you return to Revelation Online for the Demonic War update! The Warm Welcome event will offer returning Demonslayers quests to complete to receive Reflux Points, Imperial Notes and experience points!


After collecting a good bunch of Reflux Points, special rewards will also be obtainable. The longer you’ve been away, the more it pays, as the number of items awarded depend not only on the number of Reflux Points earned but also on the time you’ve spent away from Revelation Online!
That’s not all, as special offers including chests containing legendary equipment, a special buff that affects the player and nearby party members, and more, will be available for those who return during Demonic War.
For new players who have not yet encountered the almighty demon-slaying experience, we are providing training to get you up to speed on your slaying techniques! The Upgrade Tab will track character progress, as well as provide a special quest chain that will award additional XP. To activate the quest chain, simply purchase an item from the Cash Shop (limited to five per day) and begin your journey through Nuanor!


For an extra helping hand, new Demonslayers can also participate in improved Scour Dungeons, which provide a place to earn easy XP for beginners (and will now be limited to those of a lower level). The following three Scour Dungeons will be available:

  • The Sunken Galleon
  • The Oneiric Trials
  • The Mech Citadel – Eastern Outpost

Happy hunting, and welcome back! You can download Revelation Online for free from MY.GAMES Store and Steam now!

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