Emollion Server Merge

These last several months have seen some exciting and big updated finding their way into Revelation Online. With both cross-server PvP and Imperial Wars now in full swing, it was time to step back for a moment and take a look at the servers.


We have decided that on Monday, 9th July we will gather up our Emollion population, close the server and relocate them to the Tidewater server. The merging of servers is never a decision to be taken lightly but we feel at this time the best course of action. It will allow for a better gameplay experience for both our Emollion players by playing on a server that is fully developed and give our Tidewater players new recruits to aid in the fight against Moonsea in the Imperial Wars, as well as make it easier to find groups for dungeons and raids.

Please read our FAQ for details on the server merge.

We would like to invite our Tidewater players to welcome their new Emollion companions to the server on the 9th of July and hope to see both communities become one and help make Nuanor great again!

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