Dreamland Sale Starts Now!

The seasons are changing and you know what that means! A new wardrobe would be fitting, and we know just the style to go for this summer. The Dreamland cosmetics, including skins, accessories, and even a corgi!, are all on sale at a huge 45% discount. Grab yours from now until April 25 at 23:59 CEST (14:59 PDT) on the web store.


Items for Sale

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Dreamland's Embrace Tiara (Female)
Dreamland's Embrace Outfit (Female)
Dreamland's Shadow Tiara (Female) & Eyepatch
Dreamland's Shadow Outfit (Female)
Dreamland Locks & Dreamland Mask (Male)
Dreamland's Embrace (Male)
Dreamland Guide Accessory
Dreamland Parasol Accessory
Jester Corgi Mount

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