Demonic War: Team Expeditions


Today we bring you more information about the previously mentioned ‘Demonic War’ update! This article will cover just one of many exciting new features coming in the update.


Team Expeditions is a new, limited-time challenge available to level 69 and above. You can team up with up to 5 players, or valiantly take on the expedition alone!
The monsters within are insidious; each week they’ll acquire additional, new skills, making it a dungeon not to be underestimated. You can check each week in the interface what skills they have learned during the time since your last encounter!

Upon completing a floor in Team Expeditions, players will receive a rewards chest. To unlock them, you’ll need to have Expedition Keys, found in the interface. To open them and obtain your reward, you’ll need Explorers Keys. Three keys are awarded to you for completing a floor for the first time, every week! Additional keys can be purchased from the Cash Shop for 10 Aurum each.

The higher the floor, the more valuable the reward! After you ascend past the 5th Floor, you must choose which chest you take as a reward. Choose wisely, or you could waste a Key!
Brace yourselves for a new and exciting challenge!

In the following articles, we’ll tell you more about Demonic War, including the new PvP Battlefield, character progression, Combat Flairs (Skill Effects), and much, much more!

Our work on the update continues, keep your eyes peeled for the patch day announcement!

Happy Hunting,

The Revelation Online Team

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