Demonic War: Fashion Collection & Combat Flairs

There’s no reason why a dedicated Demonslayer has to be drab, so liven up your liveries with the brand-new Demonic War Fashion Collection! There are looks for every occasion (and every dungeon), so you won’t be caught dead in last season’s sets.

Scarlet Heartthrob

Bring passion to your fights with this romantic red and gold set. No one will be able to resist your charms when you don the Scarlet Heartthrob outfit. Perfect for a date or a demon-slaying session!


Eternal Bloom

Be transported to Springtime and the cherry blossom tree-filled parks of Japan with the elegant Eternal Bloom set. Sakura? I hardly know her!


Deadly Combatant

An assassin doesn’t have to be dull. Why hide in the shadows when you can emerge from the darkness and rock this red and black set? Finish him!


Ausgyth Aristocrat

You’ll feel like royalty as you take down your foes in this magnificent set. You don’t have to be rich to look this good, but it helps.


Blessing of the Gods

Blessings upon whoever dons this outrageously beautiful set. While it may leave little to the imagination, you can still try.


Sunkissed Solstice

When all that sword-swinging gets tiring, you can always retire to the beach in style with this tropical set. Just watch out for the sand, it’s coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.


Imperial Loyalist

Black is the new black! This gilded set will stun your enemies into submission with its sheer beauty.


New: Combat Flairs

We haven’t forgotten about accessories to go with these stunning new cosmetics - introducing Combat Flairs! Combat Flairs add a special something to skins that will cause incredible effects when certain skills are used in battle.
The Ausgyth Aristocrat set Combat Flair produces a Golden Phoenix when equipped, sure to astound allies and enemies alike.
Get out there and strut your stuff, Demonslayers!

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