Demonic War is coming to Revelation Online in October 2021!

Evil is approaching, and Demonslayers should make the necessary preparations. The war drums pound in the distance and battle cries can be heard as far as Fort Whetstone, because Demonic War is coming to Revelation Online as a free update in October 2021!

City of the Demon Gods: Treacherous Deities

Monsters from the City of the Demon Gods have awoken, and their attack is imminent. Gather up to 10 of your closest allies to fight back against the Demon Emperor’s Generals in this brand-new Raid for players level 69 and above.
The Demon Emperor Relius has unleashed the next stage of his plan to conquer Nuanor, and players must battle through his four faithful servants before they face him for a final showdown.


Destroy the following bosses to complete this new and terrifying dungeon:

  • The Demon Summoner - Yan: The first boss you need to defeat is by no means easy to overcome, so bring every weapon in your arsenal and be wary of their mystical snare attacks.
  • Soul Harvester - Steel Palm: Stay out of Steel Palm’s way, lest the demonic boss reap your soul with his far-reaching blades.
  • Titan Spirit - Boh: Don’t be fooled by Boh’s angelic, baby-like appearance. They’re a fierce opponent - especially when throwing a tantrum.
  • Twilight Blade - Yuyei: Beautiful but deadly, the swordswoman Yuyei is a sight to behold, and an even greater challenge to defeat.
  • The Demon Emperor himself - Relius: Defeat Relius’ underlings to face the mighty emperor in battle.

Rewards include Gold Equipment, Enchantment Items and Cosmetics, and Achievement Nyxes.

Capture the Flag Mode

A new team-based PvP mode comes to Ausgyth! Are you ready to prove your superiority? This brand-new cross-server battleground will bring a classic Capture the Flag mode to the world of Nuanor!

Elemental Guild Raid

A divine challenge has arrived in your guild base! Assemble your clan to face off against the Wardens darker sides! Up to 30 players (level 59 and above) can participate in this new type of dungeon to overcome the Warden’s negative emotions, which are embodied in the elemental bosses:

  • Red Warden's Fury: Skyfire Demon
  • Green Warden's Lament: Ancient Forest Guardian
  • Mineva's Trepidation: Howling Wind Spirit
  • Black Warden's Resentment: Twisted Water Serpent
  • Relius's Duplicity: Ancient Mountain Spirit

The first five guild teams per server will receive special rewards and titles.

New Cosmetics with Skill Effects

It's time to update your wardrobe with exquisite new options from Ausgyth's finest tailors, which now also include skill effects! With 10 new and extensive outfit sets, you’re sure to find the right fit for your next dungeon.


We’ll announce more details, including a firm release date for Demonic War, in the near future. Can’t wait to play? Revelation Online is free to download and play from MY.GAMES Store and Steam!

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