Demonic War Approaches!

Is that the sound of war drums you hear pounding relentlessly, or just your heart? That’s right, Demon Slayers. Polish your armour, sharpen your weapons, and practice your battle cry, because we’re going to war.

The Demonic War Update is coming this summer and of course, all warriors need to prepare for any battle. The intel we’ve gathered for you below contains classified information and serves as a sneak peek into Demonic War and what it will bring.

CITY OF THE DEMON GODS: Treacherous Deities


Evil never sleeps! Imperial scouts report an imminent attack of monsters from the City of the Demon Gods. Gather up to 10 allies to fight the formidable generals striking terror into the hearts of all in the empire.

NEW DUNGEON: Elements of Life


Space and time are terrifying things, made more apparent with the new challenges to be found in the new Elements of Life dungeon, which will be available for players level 69 and above. Brave the floors of elements alone or explore in a group of five.



Get ready for new adventures! You can now gain additional characteristics with the improved Soul Grid. Visit the guild dungeon to get materials to upgrade soul crystals.



Treat yourself to a morale boost in the form of a new wardrobe filled with stylish outfits from the most renowned tailors in all the empire! There will be new cosmetic collections containing new apparel, accessories, mounts, and wings. Any spare outfits can be stored in a special wardrobe with a fitting function at any time. Battles shall also be even more dazzling thanks to a technological breakthrough, allowing you to change the animation of your general and special skills.

Keep an eye out for more information coming your way about plot developments, guild training, new additions to stores, and more!

Please note: the list of changes may differ from the final version of patch notes.

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