Crystalline Weddings

Marriage, the solemn vow we take in moments of true love! The planning that goes into weddings is no joke, and to plan yours you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be in a pact
  • Be in a team with your pact member
  • Have 520 Rainbow Clouds
  • Have 1314 Heartlink Stones.

Please note: currently only players of opposite genders can get married.

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Wedding Parade
Female Wedding Outfit
Male Wedding Outfit

Plan and Schedule your Wedding

Venture forth into the Eastern Trade Region of Sulan and speak to Liamwyn, who can be found next to the portal to the Hotsprings and the Faerie Inn attendants. Start up a conversation with Liamwyn and choose the “Arrange Wedding” option. A menu will appear informing you of what a Wedding can contain—choose the Crystalline Wedding which is centred in the middle of the options.

Once you have chosen the Crystalline Wedding, you will be brought to the Set Wedding Ceremony interface which will provide you with all of the details about the wedding. Here you will be able to choose the following:

  • The atmosphere of your wedding—daylight, evening or night (this will only change the venue’s lighting and not the lightning for the Patrol)
  • Best Man’s Suit
  • Bridesmaid’s Dress.

You will want to keep the Main Style and Patrol Caravan as “Crystalline” and the Groom’s Suit and Bridal Gown as “Crystalline Devotion” to fully set up this wedding.


After you have chosen your options, select the big red Reservation button. You will then be instructed to reserve a time and date and to pay for your wedding, which will cost you 1314 Heartlink Stones and 520 Rainbow Clouds. You are able to change your ceremony at any time up until one hour before your wedding takes place, however your reserved time and date cannot be changed.

Inviting Guests

Your wedding has been reserved and it’s time to start inviting your esteemed guests! The Crystalline Wedding allows you to invite up to 80 players to watch your ceremony. You can invite friends from other servers to join in by sending them a customised invitation message. Members of the bride and groom’s guild will be invited by default, but you are able to toggle this off if you do not want them to attend.

Wedding Aids

Friends who are not part of a pact can be invited as bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you can have up to three for each (six in total). Groomsmen and bridesmaids will receive their wedding attire by mail five minutes before the ceremony begins and you can adjust your choices up until an hour before. A notification will be sent to the parties involved if any adjustments are made.


Reap the Rewards

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of the wedding ceremony, so we won’t talk about what it entails here. Players will be sent to the venue to conduct their ceremony and then they will commence their patrol through Sulan. When the wedding begins, the bride and groom will receive a Crystalline Devotion bag which contains the following permanent items:
  • Crystalline Devotion Suit/Dress
  • Crystalline Devotion Crown/Tiara
  • Crystalline Parasol.

When the ceremony patrol heads through Sulan, feasts and crates will be dropped for anybody in the vicinity to enjoy.


Once the wedding is over, the bride and groom will receive a Marriage Celebration Gift which will contain the following:

  • Permanent Ceremonial Carriage
  • Devoted Corgi Skin (you will receive two, as there are two different Corgi types in-game, but only one can be used)
  • Review Wedding: Crystalline, allowing you to replay your ceremony
  • Wedding Ring Exchange Certificate.

Wedding Furniture:

  • Wedding Banquet of Abundance
  • Apricot Bed of Betrothal
  • Rainbow Wood Lamp
  • Happiness: Good Karma
  • Happiness: Joyful Couple
  • Happiness: Golden Jade.


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