Community Update: Voras and More!

Last week, we delivered some saddening news: Battle for Voras was not functioning. This week, we are delivering some good news on a few fronts!

Imperial War: Battle for Voras

We have made some excellent breakthroughs in the last week! These bring the cross-server mode closer to you. So far, we have done the following:

  • NPC’s are now here, populating the world in the clouds.
  • The curiosity quest can now be completed.
  • Most of the events are now functioning as intended.

We continue to test and resolve the remaining few issues! Hopefully we can bring you a release date in the next couple of weeks.


Cross-server Auction House

We have continued our testing on this feature and we are much closer to bringing it to you. We encounter a slight issue where a message reads that “the Cross-server Auction House is busy”, and this stops you from listing items. We are looking into this to make sure the feature is polished and ready for launch!

Cross-server Guild Tournament

We are now able to test this mode! While it is undergoing testing, we have no information to share at present regarding an ETA or status update. This mode was unable to be tested for a while due to an error making it impossible to start, we could not determine the cause. We have now rectified this issue and testing has commenced.

Battle Companion Inventory Issue

We are still working on this issue. We have made some progress, by determining the cause of the missing/disappearing items. Items marked with (old), that players have not cleaned out from their bag is the root cause of this issue. Put simply, the game does not understand why such old items are in Player Storage and thus, items start disappearing. We will have more information to share on this issue in the coming few weeks. For now, we recommend that players delete any items marked as “Old” or “Scrap” (you can also change the Scrap items which cannot be consumed at the Alchemist Merchant in Sulan) from your inventories, bags and storage to prevent this issue from happening. Once again, we recommend you do not use the “Receive All” button in your Inventory, Storage or Bags until advised otherwise.

Adept Quins’ 120-Step Quest

We are currently trying to identify the cause of this issue and would like to receive more information about when you encounter this issue. Please can you provide us the following information through Support or our Moderators on Discord:

  • Your Character Name
  • Your Server
  • When you started the quest (Date and rough time)
  • When you reached this point in the quest (Date and rough time)
  • What quest you did just before this step (did you gather something? Did you fight a mob?)
  • Which step it gets stuck on?
  • Any screenshots of the issue

We only need a couple of reports to be able to fully identify the issue.


That concludes our status update. We will return again soon to provide you more details about the above features and more. If there is anything you would like to hear about, please let us know via Discord.

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