Community Update: Battle for Voras

Dear heroes of Nuanor,

You have fought valiantly to break the seals to clear the path to Voras! While we understand this has been an arduous journey, we must sadly announce a delay in the launch of Imperial War’s second iteration: Battle for Voras.


We have worked diligently to test and fix issues with this mode over the time it took since the launch (and before the release) of Skyward World to now, but sadly we still encounter errors that we cannot fix by ourselves. We continue to communicate with NetEase on these issues, but sadly our colleagues are still struggling to find and identify the cause. To remain transparent with this communication we will detail some of the issues we are facing which is preventing the release of this content:

  • NPCs, Teleports and objective points do not appear on the Voras map.
  • Curiosity quests related to Voras cannot be completed.
  • In the Thursday event (Resource Transport), you cannot teleport to the transport device.
  • In the Thursday event (Resource Transport), skills on the flying device do not function.
  • In the Sunday event (Fealty Fight), after your character perishes in battle your character will get stuck in a cannon/battle machine and be unable to move.
  • The Season opening time does not open correctly and thus the event must be started manually.
  • The Season ending time does not close correctly, thus the event must be closed manually and rewards are not correctly distributed.

Due to the above issues we have had to make the decision to delay this content, releasing the content in the state it is now will not be an enjoyable experience for players and will be akin to the “ghost” Seasons in Famous Generals - which caused many issues for players in the past.

We will strive to update you on any breakthroughs or changes regarding Voras, the Battle for Voras and any other additional content.


What you can expect once all 12 Zodiacs are defeated:
Once Zhi Wei (the pig Zodiac) meets her demise a new yellow-quest will appear for you at Mantar in Eltmere Ravine, from there he will set you upon the first island in Voras: “Skyfeather Aerial Port”. The questline will however abruptly end once you are encouraged by Sky and the Ashen Defender to head to the capital.
Please note:

  • A pop-up will appear stating that the Voras season has ended and to wait for the next Season to start.
  • You are unable to travel back to the Skyfeather Aerial Port due to Voras not being open, make sure you complete your quest line while you are there.

While this announcement may be disappointing to hear, we do have some breakthroughs we can share with you! While our main focus has been on opening Voras and fixing the Battle for Voras content ahead of release, we have also had some of our colleagues focusing on fixing other anticipated features, namely Cross-Server Auction House. We would like to inform you that we are almost complete in preparation of rolling out the Cross-Server Auction House to the live servers - we will share a separate communication on how this feature will work in the coming week ahead of its release.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to support Revelation Online. As a token of our appreciation we have added a free bundle which includes: x2 Random Elite Enchantments, 1400 Bonus Aurum and a Ornate Cotton Pack on the MY.GAMES Market, which you can claim here.

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