Closed Beta Test 3 Now Live!

Once again, the gates to Nuanor have opened. Gather your friends and face all the challenges awaiting you in our 3rd beta test!

Download The Game Now!

Make sure to visit our Download Page if you haven’t already downloaded the game. If you have downloaded the game before, you will need to download some additional content once you launch the client. To do so, just click the “Download” button in the Game Center.


If you do not have a CBT3 key yet, you can guarantee your participation with the purchase of one of our Founder Packs!

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What to Expect

Here’s a quick reminder of what awaits you in CBT3:

  • New level cap: 69


  • 3 new dungeons: Grand Bulwark, Machinarium, and Tower of Pain
  • Additions to the existing scour dungeons
  • 3 new missions: Adventurer's Guild, Faction Bulletin Requests and Reason's Grief
  • 2 new events: Trivia God & Ninefold Assault
  • Talismans and Badges



  • Pirate Treasure: Death Island
  • 3v3 Ranked Arena
  • Death Match
  • Faction War
  • Territory War
  • Merchant System


Bug Tracker

Feel free to report any bugs that you find in the helpline, if you're looking for more information about reporting bugs you can check out the latest on the bug tracker via the bug tracker for CBT3 thread.

Share your Experience

If you are jumping into your adventure in Nuanor this time around feel free to snap plenty of screenshots, record videos and streams throughout your journey. You can also share with them with us in Fan Creations on the forums and on Facebook or on Twitter.


For your convenience, we have compiled a shortlist of links that will help you understand the features of CBT:

We would like to thank you for the tremendous amount of feedback and support throughout our previous Closed Beta phase! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing you throughout your adventures within the world of Revelation Online!

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