Class & Equipment Change

The new Assassin class is hot on our heels. Are you ready to chain-whip your foes into submission before slicing them into ribbons? If so, we’ve got good news for those hoping to try out the Assassin (or any other class) without starting from scratch – the class & equipment change feature, coming to you in the Shadowblade update!


How does it work?

Starting at level 59, you can change your current class once every 45 days. Before changing classes, remove all equipment, mounts, wings, and costumes, and clear your Soul Grid. These will not be converted once you change class, so be ready to find replacements if necessary.
However, your character attribute points will be reset, allowing you to reconfigure them once you have changed class.


To start the process, head over to Kyn Borozen in Sidus Ur. Once you have completed the mission to change class, you’ll obtain Keepsake for your respective class and be required to purchase and activate Transformation Nectar from the item mall.
Once you have undergone the procedure, the progress of Special Skills and Dao will automatically convert to the new class’s progress, which includes flying skills. However, class mounts and class costumes will need to be exchanged with Kyn Borozen.


Equipment Change

Once you have converted to your new class, salvage what you can of your old equipment and convert it into something usable by your new class. To begin, you will find an equipment conversion NPC standing next to Kyn Borozen. Make sure to grab some Conversion Flames from the item mall. You will need them!


Anything eligible for conversion will be marked with an icon, making it easy to discern what you can and cannot alter. Note that you cannot convert unbound equipment, and a converted piece of equipment will lose its hand-signature.


Equipment retains its total Might value, tier levels, and enhancement levels after conversion. The system also automatically converts your equipment’s random Exalt rules into something suited to your new class if applicable.

The following can be fully converted:

  • Gold Equipment from Expert, Imperial Society, Demonslayer, and Eternal Chasm sets.

Note regarding Eternal Chasm set effects: Inserted beads cannot be changed. We suggest using them on your original equipment before changing classes, seeing as the Awakening Bead effects will be carried over rather than converted.


The following cannot be converted:

  • Crafted Gear – Consider transferring the prefix or unbinding and selling.
  • Talismans – Consider unbinding and selling.
  • Badges – Consider salvaging them in order to get back badge pieces and recraft suitable replacements.
  • Badge Runes
  • Soul Grids – You can trade the class Soul Grid panel.
  • Soul Crystals

With these new features at your disposal, you will be able to explore different classes and utilize past equipment without having to start from scratch.

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