Celebrating 4 Years of Revelation Online!

Today, March 8, marks the 4th Anniversary of Revelation Online! As always, we celebrate this by presenting you with a free gift, which you can head on over to the MY.GAMES Market and claim.

That isn’t all, however, as we bring you an activity event, to earn some extra rewards!
From today, March 8, until March 14, simply earn 10 points in the Road to Greatness each day to receive:

Day Points required Name
March 8 10 600 Bonus Aurum
March 9 10 Protection PVP Mark V x1
March 10 10 600 Bonus Aurum
March 11 10 Berserk PVP Mark V x1
March 12 10 Skyfeather Blademaster Accessory (Pack)
March 13 10 3x Legendary Imperial Society Enchanted Soul Rune
March 14 10 Imitation Royal Ink
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