CBT3: New PvE content

Today we take a closer look at all of the tremendous content that will be introduced with our upcoming CBT3, beginning on January 19th. With everything from new dungeons to new areas to fun events, there is something for everyone to do!

New Dungeons

Grand Bulwark

Continue the adventure where you left off in the Deserted Shrine and try to overcome 4 new bosses of Grand Bulwark! Will you be brave enough to get through the highest level?

Difficulty Entries
Easy (Level 50) 2 per day
Normal (Level 52) 1 per day
Hard (Level 55) 1 per day
Expert, 10 man mode (Level 55) 2 per week


Mech Citadel / Machinarium

What happens when machines try to take over the world? Well, be sure to find out at Mech Citadel! Machines have gone wild and now it is up to you to protect Nuanor and get some loot at the same time!

Mech Citadel exists in 5 difficulties:

Difficulty Entries
Normal (Level 60) 2 per day
Hard (Level 62) 1 per day
Hard, 10 man mode (Level 60) 2 per day
Expert, 10 man mode (Level 65) 1 per week
Expert, 20 man mode (Level 65) 1 per week


Tower of Pain

Are you and your friends up for this deadly 5 man party challenge, go ahead and test your skills in this race against time where you'll have to complete 7 floors of bosses. Failure to complete all the floors within 30 minutes will result in failure.

Completion will bring you glory and fancy cosmetics!

Difficulty Entries
Easy (Level 50) 1 per day
Normal (Level 59) 1 per day
Hard (Level 60) 3 per week


Additions to Dungeons

Misty Hollow

Misty Hollow now offers a 10 man raid difficulty mode which is available at level 60. Veteran adventurers who have survived the level 45 version of this dungeon will find this new difficulty mode to be far more enjoyable!

Trial of Four Kings

This single player trial now offers you a harder challenge at level 65. Compete with other players to appear on the ranking board and obtain limited time cosmetic accessories!

Scour Dungeon - Oneiric Trials

Think you're strong enough to face the ferocious creatures in the 2 brand new floors of Oneiric Trials! Doing the Oneiric Trials will help you level up faster!


Brand New Quests

Adventurer's Guild System

Check the bulletin boards around Nuanor to participate in new quests level 50 or higher.
Register and become an adventurer, pursue your dream of being an S rank adventurer and get rewarded with awesome gifts!

Faction Bulletin Requests

Similar to adventurer guild’s bulletin quests, you can accept these quests if you're level 50 or higher.
Each individual region (faction) has their own requests but be quick if you want to please a faction: Each region’s bulletin quests is limited to a specific amount.

Reason's Grief

Level 40 or above? Team up with 3-5 friends to face the 6 sins in this amazing daily event and head over to Immortal Annex to stop hideous monsters, collect their tokens and exchange them for glorious rewards.

New events

Trivia God

Missing school or the office on a Sunday? Don't worry, the Immortal Annex is hosting entrance exams every Sunday to keep your mind sharp!

Qualify for the finals to join in the testing grounds and earn stunning prizes!

Ninefold Assault

Every Wednesday, drive off bloodthirsty monsters and protect the peace once and for all in Nuanor. The Imperial Capital will reward the bravest and most heroic vanquishers who dare to show up and fight back these vicious beasts!

Need help? Check out Rain’s website for detailed guides!

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback about the latest PvE additions! The next news will be about the PvP changes that come along with CBT3!

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