CBT3 has now ended

CBT3 is now over

Our CBT3 has now come to a close and we would like to thank everyone for taking part and providing feedback. It has been another amazing experience for us and we hope you have enjoyed the extra fun-filled week of testing!


A glance into the future

Our QA team has polished their wrenches once more and are now working on the issues which you have reported via the Bug Tracker. Netease and us at My.com are currently planning the next steps for the project and we expect to be able to share more details with a new timeline sometime within the next week.

This will also allow us the opportunity to present you with details about the long awaited name reservation feature which is currently in its finalization stage. The name reservation should be available from February 14th if everything goes as planned.

So get creative and take a moment to think about what you want to be called by your fellow players!

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Thanks again for your tremendous support and for being part of the Revelation Online community. See you soon in Nuanor!

On behalf of the Revelation Online Team,
Maeron, Producer

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