CBT1 Preview: Dungeons - Part II

Last week, we told you about Trial of the Four Kings and Darkfall, two dungeons you can explore during the first Revelation Online CBT, starting on November the 3rd! Today, we’ll tell you more about the dungeons Misty Hollow and Deserted Shrine.

Misty Hollow

Powerful and dangerous creatures Inhabit the world of Nuanor. Some of them have left the mortal world, representing their former selves as spirits. In the Misty Hollow dungeon, you will join forces with Nuanor’s soldiers and exorcist's to fight one of those spirits: The Spider Queen who is trying to escape the magic seal and your task is to stop her!


Mode Level Requirement Availability
Trial Mode (5 players) ≥ 35 1 time / day
Normal Mode (5 players) ≥ 45 1 time / day

Once you enter the dungeon, you have to fight several waves of monsters. You must protect the magic seal and prevent the monsters from damaging it. Should the magic seal be destroyed (0% HP), you will fail the dungeon. To succeed, you need to defeat all 16 waves of monsters in trial mode (20 in normal mode) and defeat the last boss: The Spider Queen.


Deserted Shrine

A long time ago, citizens of Nuanor found out that there is a place where a mysterious power lies deep within the underground. People tried to analyse this power and built a Shrine on the land, and then founded an organization called “Shingen”.

However, the mysterious power was used in a wrong and dark way. Civilians were caught and the people belonging to the Shingen organization conducted cruel experiments on the innocent civilians. Some of the civilians turned into monsters while others were simply imprisoned in the Shrine. Swordmages and exorcist’s fought against the Shingen and finally defeated them, leaving the Shrine abandoned. But there remains a group of Shingen who managed to escape the punishment. They continue to do their research on the mysterious power, and they are waiting for revenge.


Mode Level Requirement Availability
Easy mode (5 players) ≥ 35 2 times / day
Hard Mode (5 players) ≥ 40 1 time / day
God Mode (5 players) ≥ 45 3 times / week

Clawmaster Buri
By the Shingen using the Mysterious power Buri became a product of their failed experiments. With the combination of mysterious power injected into his body, along with additional body parts from other experiments that were attached to Buri, he succumbed to madness and finally he became a beast.

Flame Lord
A powerful ancient spirit summoned by the Shingen who controls the power of fire.

The first successful experiment by the Shingen who were using the mysterious power. He was once a general who was searching for his emperor who had vanished. However, he was defeated by the Shingen and thus accepted the dark power. He eventually became the final boss and guardian of the Deserted Shrine.


Do you have what it takes to fight the Spider Queen and the Shingen?

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