Black Friday has begun!

Ah Black Friday. That special time of year where crowds of shoppers reach a violent frenzy to get the best deals. Well, we happen to have some hot deals for you as well! Only you don’t have to risk your life fighting off a ravenous horde of discount demons to get your hands on these sweet sales.

Web Shop

From November 29, 12:00 CET (3:00 a.m.) to December 2, 23:59 CET (2:59 p.m. PST), a hefty handful of discounted items will be available, no standing in line necessary. The aisles of the web shop will be freshly stocked with new looks, vital resources, and radiances for your next adventure.

Items for Sale

1 / 1
Heretic's Set (female)
Heretic's Set (male)
Demolisher Set (female/male)
Astral Wings, Astral Ornament & Astral Attire
Dark Wings
Ashen Phoenix Wings
Eclipse Dragon Wings
Wings of Darkness
Black Gold Angel
Nether Dragon Wings
Night Black Butterfly Wings



We have so many sales going on for Black Friday, so we might as well throw in one more. How’s about a discount on some of your favorite Chests?
From November 29, 12:00 CET (3:00 a.m.) to December 2, 23:59 CET (2:59 p.m. PST), myLoot will be stocked with all-time favorite boxes available at a massive discount:

Chest Actual Price (in Aurum) New Price (in Aurum)
Woodland Spirit Chest 100 65
Chest of the Corgi 100 60
New Moon Chest 125 75
Zodiac Companion Chest 100 60
Faerie Folk Chest 80 48
Utility Chest 60 36
Mark IV Chest 250 150
Champion's Chest 60 36
Aspiring Divine Angel Chest 50 45
Divine Augmentation Chest 60 39


In-game Shop

We know Black Friday is all about finding the best of the best at prices you can’t get any other time of the year, and it’s safe to say that every Demonslayer has a sweet spot for . Well, we are pleased to announce that a special delivery of fancy items has made its way to the in-game shop, just in time for Black Friday!
The sale runs from November 29, 11:00 CET (2:00 a.m. PST) to December 2, 09:00 CET (12:00 a.m. PST).

Items for Sale

1 / 1
Hat of Order
Candy Coma Pumpkin
Lantern of Dusk
Spring Lantern
Autumn's Radiance Wings
Crimson Bladewings
Brilliant Butterfly Wings
Cuckoo (Mount)

Black Friday and beyond, be sure to take advantage of these deals before they fade to grey!

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