Battle Companions: Mythos & Awakening System

Each Battle Companion in Heaven and Earth comes with the ability to be Venerated, which Awakens them! Not only does it provide an increase in power for your Companion, it even gives them a variation of their current appearance!

Battle Companion Mythos System

Each Battle Companion has a Legend for you to unlock and progress through. Completing this is a requirement to Venerate your Companion.
Each step in a Battle Companion’s mythos has specific requirements to unlock it. This could include defeating another Companion, completing a quest with it in Defense Mode, acquiring an item, or even achieving intimacy levels! Make sure to check them out, so you know how close you are to Awakened status!
Once you’ve unlocked the first 3 steps, you will enter a story area. Help your Companion overcome their internal strife and awaken their true self!


Awakened Status

Once you have completed the Battle Companion’s Legend, achieved a base intimacy of 20 (Acacia Branches do not count), you can then click the Venerate button in the Battle Companion’s panel!
This unlocks the Companion’s unique Awakened Ability, unlocks 5 more levels (Maximum 84), and a new look!

We hope you enjoy the interesting stories your Companions have to tell, keep them well looked after!

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