Battle Companions: An In-Depth Look II

Picking up from where we left off in the previous article, let’s get right into it!


When your Battle Companion levels up, or gains intimacy, it will have a chance to unlock a Skill Slot, or a chance to learn a new Skill. (Learning a skill requires an empty slot, and you will not learn the same skill twice.) You can also learn Skills with Skill Keys, which are obtained via Daily or Weekly Activities. Skill Keys can be salvaged to obtain the Pages of the same level, which can be combined into a new Skill Key Chest.


You can unlock up to 8 Skill Slots. By default, your Companion will have 2 Skill Slots. If your Battle Companion has 5 skills or less, leveling it up, or increasing intimacy will have a chance to unlock Skill Slots or learn skills. You can also use the specified amount of Skill Hexes to unlock more slots.

Learning and Forgetting Skills

With Skill Keys, you will be able to learn the skill the key provides. By learning a skill, it will randomly replace one skill, or inhabit an empty slot. By using an Advanced Skill Key, it will have 100% chance to replace the corresponding Normal version of the Skill. We recommend you organize your skills with Normal Skill Keys first, so that you can replace with Advanced Skills without worry of loss.


Your Companions Attributes are composed of Basic Attributes and Credential Attributes. Each attribute is essential for a specific Stat:

  • Strength gives Physical Attack
  • Dexterity gives Physical Defense
  • Spirit gives Magical Defense
  • Vigor gives HP
  • Intelligence gives Magical Attack

Basic Attribute Points are gained whenever your Battle Companion levels up, or gains intimacy, which then can be allocated into specific attributes for your desired Stats. By using the Points Scheme, you can automatically allocate points at specified ratios every time your Companion levels up. This can be cancelled by setting the scheme to zero.
If you aren’t satisfied with the current distribution, you can use the Reset Points function to reallocate all your used points.


Credential Attributes

By Purifying, you can improve your Companion’s Credentials and Growth rate. However, it is important to understand which stat your Companion is the best for it. Boosting that specific stat will unlock its maximum potential.
Every Purification will require a specified amount of Lycoris Dews. When Purifying, there is a chance you will earn The Chosen rating. The Chosen gives a 10% boost to it’s maximum credential potential. You can choose to remove The Chosen status and be reimbursed with a quantity of Exquisite Lycoris Dews. Under the Upgrade button, Trinity Amethysts can also be used to increase your Battle Companion’s Growth rate, with a maximum of 5 being the usage limit for any given Battle Companion.



At the Shield Icon Tab, the Guard Bonus from this Companion Array provides bonus stats to your character depending on which position you slot Companions in. The Conversion Rate is fixed as shown in the interface.
Bonuses can be obtained from having multiple Talents. This applies in the form of multiplication. For example, 4 talents and 2 group talents will provide 8.68% (0.24 x 7.0 = 1.68) Damage Stat Boost, compared to 3 talents providing an 8.05% (0.15 x 7.0 = 1.05) Damage Stat Boost. Every Talent a battle companion has provides a 5% bonus:

  • 1 Talent = 5% boost
  • 2 Talents = 10% boost
  • 3 Talents = 15% boost
  • 4 Talents = 20% boost

Every Group Talent a Companion has, provides 2% bonus:

  • 1 Active Skills = 2% boost
  • 2 Active Skills = 4% boost

Note: A Physical Damage Battle Companion can convert damage to Magic, or vice versa! (Based on your class).



Upon summoning your Battle Companion, there are three modes available for selection:

  • Pursuit Mode: Battle Companion helps their master to attack until the target is defeated.
  • Cooperation Mode: Battle Companion helps their master to attack, and they switch targets along with their master.
  • Passive Mode: Battle Companion follows its master but does not attack.

You can freely select these modes based on your preference and needs.
Note: You can place your desired Battle Companion in any hotkey to deploy them for battle with just one button!

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Remove Pact

Sometimes, some Battle Companions are no longer useful.
Upon removing your pact with a Battle Companion, you will be reimbursed via in-game mail the following items in a certain quantity: Lycoris Dews, Exquisite Lycoris Dews, Acacia Branches, Trinity Amethysts if used and XP items.
All the reimbursed items will be slightly less than what you spent on it.


How to obtain Pet Consumables

You can obtain them through various in-game activities: Ultimate Skill Keys can drop in Level 59, 69, and 79 Challenge raids, as well as Level 65 and 75 Expert raids. Reach 20 Activity Points in the Road to Greatness every day to receive 2 Valuable Synergy Horns. Reach 90 Activity Points every day to receive 2 Lycoris Dews.
The Temple of the Twelve provides big chances to drop Battle Companion Scrolls and various Pet Consumables. This includes rare Acacia Branches, Zodiac apparels, accessories and more! The Noble Treasures now sells Synergy Horns and Normal Skill Key Chests under the Attribute Materials tab. There is also a chance to purchase Synergy Horn, Skill Key Chests and Battle Companion Scrolls under the Rare Specialty. This refresh now happens every 12 hours (Twice per day).
We hope our guide helps! Good luck with your new Best Friend!

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