Battle Companion Utility Chest now available on the MY.GAMES Market!

New things are always welcome at the MY.GAMES Market and we’re happy to announce the availability of a full supply of mysterious new containers for you to discover what delights might be found within.
From July 15, 17:00 CEST (08:00am PDT) until July 22, 23:59 CET (2:59pm PDT), you can purchase the Battle Companion Utility Chest, offering the chance to obtain the following in-game items:

Rarity Item Description
2 Legendary Ultimate Skill Key Page Combine 99 pages into an Ultimate Skill Key Chest.
3 Uncommon Exquisite Lycoris Dew x2 Concentrated from Lycoris Dew. Resets Chosen Battle Companion's Growth Rate and Credential.
4 Uncommon Exquisite Synergy Horn x2 Adds 1,000,000 Battle Companion Intimacy.
5 Uncommon Normal Skill Key Page x2 Combine 30 pages into a Normal Skill Key Chest.

The MY.GAMES Market is a web store that offers premium items for MY.GAMES titles under one virtual roof. Uniquely, by purchasing items for one game, you are awarded myCoins that can be redeemed against items for other MY.GAMES titles. In addition, you can earn myCoins just for taking part in special events and engaging with your community (keep an eye on the news for how).


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