2nd Anniversary Login Event

With Revelation Online’s second birthday just around the corner (March 6th, in case you were about to order some flowers), we thought we’d celebrate the occasion with one of our popular login events. You know the drill: fire up the game, do stuff, spend points on a special daily offer item, then do it all again up to seven times on seven separate days before official celebrations cease.
The Anniversary Login Event starts February 27, 00:00 (server time) and winds down on March 8, 23:59 (server time). You’ll need to login on eight separate days to be able to make the most of eight consecutive days of offers. However, to be able to take advantage of each one you need to amass the requisite points from your daily Road to Greatness tasks.

Day Name Amount of Points Required
1 1 Namika (Small Female only), Enchantress Nur (Middle and Tall Female Only) and Shinji (Male Only) Outfits 100
2 2 Holy Wars Treasure Map Fragment x3 60
3 3 Protection PVP Mark V x2 80
4 4 Basic Dragon Water x1 60
5 5 Offense PVE Mark V x2 80
6 6 Berserk PVP Mark V x2 80
7 7 Defense PVE Mark V x2 80
8 8 Title "Revelation's Biggest Fan" 80

If you’ve ever harbored a desire to be recognized as one of Revelation Online’s biggest fans, you now know what you have to do.

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