New Sulan Update

Welcome to the heart of all things New Sulan, where we'll be hosting all the information about Revelation Online’s latest and greatest update as it comes to light. The countdown to the release is well underway and, over the next two weeks, you can expect insight and information on a near-daily basis!


  • Q&A part 1: The first part of our developer Q&A scratches at the impressive surface of the New Sulan update.


  • Q&A part 2: Not only will the streets of Sulan be different, the citizens will be livelier and the opportunities for involvement richer.



  • Characters and landscapes: The famous port won’t be the only new look coming to Revelation Online, as everything from the interface to character classes are being given a makeover.


  • Dungeons and raids: Easier to access, more rewarding and with plenty to stick around for, you’ll want to find out how the dungeon system is being shaken up.


  • Darkfall Dungeon: The Beast King wants to make an expert out of You! Find out soon how you can defeat his minions!


  • Seeking Spirits: Get ready for a new series of quests. You might need a couple of friends for this!


  • Home Comforts: New furniture for your abode and new opportunities to explore beyond it!


  • New Guild Features: Guilds can better arrange training sessions for their members in a raft of guild-related changes.



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