New Sulan Patch Notes

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Locations - Character Models - Quests - Dungeons
Guild System - Interface - Objects and equipment - PvP
Mentoring - Character Characteristics - Class Changes - Other - Additional Updates


  • The port city of Sulan has been updated visually.
  • Pathfinding has been optimized.
  • The location of some in-game vendors and characters have changed to fit the new design of Sulan.
  • The appearance and location of the Hot Springs has been changed.
  • You can no longer fish in the Hot Springs.

Character Models

  • For the Assassin class, the medium-build female has been added.
  • For Blademaster and Gunslinger, the small-build female has been added.


  • Fixed an issue when players received double rewards for Handmade Equipment Quest.
  • Sulan, Lampyr Creek and Karstwald Journey Quests have been replaced with the “Travel Together” Questline. The Cash Shop Experience Boost Item “Journey From Lampyr” has been changed to work with the new Questline.
  • Guardian Trials have been removed and replaced with the Seeking Spirits questline.
  • Sunken Galleon, Oneiric and Mech Citadel Scour Dungeons have been replaced with the Seeking Spirits Questline.
  • In the Class Areas, there are now Taskboards with new class-specific quests to earn Favor and Reputation.
  • You can now repeat the 10-cycle Class Quest each day. But with each cycle, the rewards given will be smaller than the initial quest rewards.
  • The conditions for Guidance Mode in Dungeons for Imperial Society Merit has changed.
  • The Scenic Chronicles have changed. Some of the storylines have been removed or changed. A new one has been added for Sulan City.
  • In Sulan, there are new faction-related tasks.
  • Shadow Demons has been added to the Road to Greatness.


  • Misty Hollow dungeon has been removed.
  • Trial mode dungeons have been removed. Seeking Spirits questline has replaced these dungeon modes.
  • The Tower of Pain Dungeon now is only accessible via “Challenge” mode.
  • You can now enter normal difficulty dungeons up to 20 times a week. Hard, Challenge and Epic dungeons cannot be entered more than 2 times per week.

Guild System

  • New cultivations have been added to the Cultivation Space in the Guild Training Area. These include; Crit Reduction, Defense Break Resist, Crit Defense and Crit Increment.
  • Item Durability has changed! You no longer need to use De-oxidizers to repair your gear when it hits zero.
  • On the 10th quest of your Guild Daily questline, there is now a button added in the Questlog to automatically ask for help with; Duels, Lover’s Lift and Prank.
  • Tower of Loyalty of the 7th level allows the head of the guild or an authorized player of the correct rank to impose an additional positive effect for all players of the guild.
  • Automatic Guild-leader Reassignment: If a guild leader has not signed into the game for 15 days or more and the guild has characters fulfilling the requirements of becoming a leader, the guilds leadership will automatically be transferred to the appropriate player.
  • The Guild Alliance system has been disabled. – we are planning to put it back, so it’s basically ON.


  • The Team Interface, also known as the Group Interface has been completely redesigned.
  • A separate filter for merchants has been added to the world map.
  • The Chamber of Commerce, also known as the Ausgyth Bronze Shard vendor can now be opened through the inventory by clicking the little house icon next to your Bronze Shards.
  • Additional tooltip options have been added for some items of equipment, when you press the Shift Key you can see the scale of characteristics. This scale shows how high the performance of this equipment is compared to the maximum version of the same equipment.
  • Changes has been made to the Path breakthrough tab in the character menu.
  • The Scheme system has been added for both the Tree of Wisdom and Special Skills.
  • The Factions tab in the character window now features Schools for each of the Classes which you can gain reputation with.
  • Within the Soul Grid tab, you can now click on a button to share your Soul-grid in any chat channel of your choice.
  • The Honor tab in the character widow has been completely redesigned.
  • The Rank tab in the character window has been updated.
  • The Order tab in the character window has been updated.
  • The Squad interface has been disabled.
  • A key system has been added to Housing. You can now make your home private and give access to up to 5 friends, by providing them with a key. Pact Mates get automatic access to your home. This is optional, you can also keep your house public allow anyone to enter.

Objects and equipment

  • In the Ausgyth Commerce Center (Bronze Shard Vendor), you can now exchange 4 Solar Dews for 1 Argent Phlogiston.
  • You can now exchange Ink Jade and White Jade for Bronze Shards.
  • Wings and Mounts no longer require Energy, the Energy system has been removed.
  • Transferring Refinement levels between gear of different levels no longer costs any Phlogistons. (Argent/Red/Azure)
  • You can now sell Curious Beads (now named Faery Nyx) for Bronze Shards, without any limit.
  • You now have the option mass use some items which are in a stack.
  • Bronze Feathers can be used in place of some missing items.
  • Brews used to increase your daily Scour limit have been changed, they now give experience points.
  • New furniture items have been added to the crafting menu.
  • Demonslayer gear no longer requires the usage of level specific Materials (I.E. Feruvites, Pearls and Fluorite) to create it. It now requires a set amount of the level specific Powders (Turmine Powder, Loranine Shards, Atrix Gemstones) and Hematite instead.
  • The Materials you have left over can be exchanged for a sum of the relevant Powders.
  • The price for Imperial Society Crystal Irons has been changed. For 5 Imperial Society Medals, you now get 3 Crystal Irons. These have been consolidated into a box at the Imperial Society Grocer.
  • The Amount of Army Coins you gain from Salvaging an Imperial Society Medal has changed. You now gain 300 Army Coins, up from 200.
  • The outfit “Tormentor Demonslayer” has been downgraded from Tier 10, to Tier 9, making it accessible for players.
  • You can no longer obtain Battle Spirit Pearls from the Equipment Modification Master. Instead, you obtain Runes in personal spoils from the relevant level Dungeons (Altar of Swords will drop the level 79 runes). Combining these will cost you a small amount of Gemstones, also obtained from Dungeons. There are also Set Bonuses for Level 59 and 69 gear. The method to obtain these is the same.


  • In the Darkwood Vale Battleground (10v10), the buffs you can buy will be bought automatically if you have enough points.
  • In the Darkwood Vale Battleground (10v10), the 2 main bosses guarding each camp are immune to damage for the first 8 minutes of the fight.
  • The “Kill an enemy player during Territory War” task in the Battle League has changed. Now, this task is “Kill or Revive one player in Territory War” to better accommodate our dutiful Spirit Shapers!
  • Upgrading your rank in the Battle League has been simplified. The criteria to upgrade your rank is written in the panel, and when you meet the criteria, you simply press “Upgrade”. The items required before to rank up have been removed.
  • For your first Battleground during the week, you gain an extra 200 Army Coins and War Medals. For your first win each day, you will gain Double the Army Coins and War Medals. When you participate in Battlegrounds from 17:00 to 01:00, you will gain an additional 20% Army Coin and War Medal bonus.
  • Changes have been made to the Imperial War Armies. The Frostpike Army is now exclusively for level 69 players.
  • The “Stealing Supplies” quest in the Imperial Frontier is now active and can be initiated.


  • There is now a lesson system, mentors can give daily assignments to their mentees.
  • The points rewarded for Mentoring activities has changed. You now earn Imperial Society Merit instead of Mentor Merit.

Character Characteristics

The way the Punishment stat works has been changed. Versus mobs, it only gives 50% damage compared to boss damage.

Class Changes


  • You cannot run or double-jump until you reach level 6 and complete the quest "The portrait of a Village: Wish Beneath the Banners".
  • Flying Skills have been removed from the Imperial Society and Demonslayer Book Sellers. You can now only obtain these from your Class Skill Book vendor, located in your specific Class Area.
  • When using auto-pathing, you can now enable the auto-acceleration function.



  • The description of Gate of Atrophy now includes information regarding the debuff, in addition to information on the dark version of the skill which disables enemy’s stamina skills. The Soul Eater effect prevents enemies from using Stamina Skills.
  • Changed the Skill Siphoning Spirits: This skill inflicts periodic damage to the target, restoring the health of the caster. The further away the opponent is to the caster, the higher the damage he will receive. If the enemy goes beyond the skill range, the damage will increase by 20% every 10 meters (up to 80 meters in total).
  • A new cultivation has been added: “Basic Shattered Abyss Scroll II – Dark”. When the Destruction Spirit Mirror explodes, all enemies with stealth within a 20-meter radius will be revealed and will be unable to use stealth abilities for 5 seconds. You can upgrade this cultivation, increasing its duration (1 = 5 seconds, 2 = 10 seconds, 3 = 15 seconds)
  • Range of the buff given by Basic Gate of Atrophy Scroll II – Light has been increased to 10/20/30 meters.
  • Range of Basic Gate of Atrophy Scroll II – Dark has been increased to 10/20/30 meters.
  • Added a new cultivation “Basic Gate of Atrophy Scroll II of Darkness”, in the Dark Warden state, the Soul Devourer effect will reduce the enemy’s anti-control level by 5 points. Upgrading this talent increases its efficiency (1 = 5 points, 2 = 10 points, 3 = 15 points)


Spirit Shaper

  • Firefly Hex has received an additional effect. The target will receive a debuff and it will cause the target to take more damage.
  • Curative Burst’s description has been updated to take into account the recovered HP per second.
  • Luxuriant Rush has changed. The Shaper’s Heart Buff now recovers more HP than MP.
  • Basic Firefly Hex Scroll I – Soul: The duration of Firefly’s Sorrow and Firefly Hex effects have been extended by two seconds. This also includes the new debuff applied from Firefly Hex.
  • Intermediate Firefly Hex Scroll I – Soul: Firefly’s Sorrow and Firefly Hex damage inflicted by this skill now stack up to 4 times.
  • Basic Sanctification Scroll I – Soul: Effects have been added to this Cultivation. Break Essence Rate (PVP Damage) and Demon Break Rate (PVE Damage). These effects won’t work if you use Soul Release. After the Sanctification effect ends, it increases your Break Essence Rate and Healing Bonus, and it also increases your Demon Break Rate. This does not work for Soul Release.



  • Tornado Sweep: There is an additional effect to the Bleeding Debuff, namely that affected enemies suffer additional damage per stack of Bleeding.
  • Concentrate: We have spruced up the skill icon. Additionally, the skill now increases damage reduction by a larger degree.
  • Thunderborn: This skill appears after you create your character. It also has a shared cooldown with Concentrate.
  • Fearless: A note has been added regarding Fearless Protector’s Defense: This buff cannot stack with the damage reduction bonus from Concentrate, and the system picks the greater of the two states’ damage reductions when applicable. The percentages of Fearless Breaker have been tweaked. You take 30% more damage but gain 50% Attack.
  • Shield Storm: Added a note about this skill’s defense: Incoming damage reduction does not stack with the damage-reduction buff of Fearless Protection. The system picks the stronger of the two states’ damage reductions when applicable.
  • Smite: This skill confers a chance to inflict Bleeding, and every ensuing attack deals additional damage per stack.
  • Expert Concentration Scroll of Blessings: Added a new Talent. In the Concentrate state, your Defense Break Resist bonus is increased by 1%. For levels two and three, the bonuses are 2% and 3% respectively.
  • Basic Punisher’s Scroll: Now when you enter the Thunderborn state, your Attack increases by 1%. The next two levels’ increases are 2% and 3%, respectively.



Balanced Practitioner: The multiplier for this skill has been changed. It is now 0.3 for Parry and Crit.



  • Bindings of Pain: The slow effect has been reduced to 3 seconds.
  • The effective area of this skill has decreased. It now deals full damage over time, instead of one hit.



A new talent for Focused Fire has been added! Elementary Focused Fire Scroll II – Flame: This skill slightly increases the likelihood of detecting enemies using stealth.



Intermediate Elemental Rhythm Scroll II – Prohibition: The percentages for this skill have increased from 0.3%, 0.6% and 0.9% to 1%, 2% and 3% respectively.


  • Schemes have been introduced for Dao, much like your Skill Pages and Attribute Pages. For Skills and Special Skill Dao pages, it will require an Immortal Scroll Fragment (7 days) or Immortal Texts (30 days).
  • The Tree of Wisdom now has Schemes! To obtain additional pages for this, you can purchase a Starlight Page (7 days) or a Starlight Scroll (30 days).
  • When levelling a new character, you are now given the option to change class 4 times, for free, with no cooldown on this feature. This is only available to characters under level 49.
  • The Road to Greatness daily activity rewards now have a chance to grant you an x2 or an x3 multiplier on the rewards!
  • Once you reach 60 activity points, you will gain Forging Dice. This will allow you to renew one Gear Veneration a day. You can have up to 3 sets of Forging Dice.
  • The Demonslayer weekly rewards no longer contain Imperial Coins.
  • The conditions have changed for Gear Swapping. It now requires level 59 and the Adventurer Path Breakthrough.
  • In the Factions panel, Reputation with each class has been added.
  • New items have been added to the Class Reputation stores! New titles and a new version of the respective Class Mount has been added to be purchased with Class Reputation!
  • There are new achievements to be gained and subsequently, some are no longer obtainable.
  • Added rewards for levelling up.
  • There is a new auto-follow feature for Groups! Party leaders can now make the group follow them, or individual members of the party can click follow in the team panel!
  • You can now invite individual people to your group, while they are already in an existing group.
  • Path Breakthroughs no longer require the item given from Adept Quin in the questline. You must simply meet all the goals outlined and complete the quest.
  • There is now a feature to share your Skill Scheme Page and Soul Grid for other players to view.
  • Under your HP bar you will now notice two new icons! The Origin of Life and the Origin of Mana! These are pools of HP and Mana that are used to regenerate both HP and Mana, out of combat. You can obtain HP Origin and Mana * * Origin stones from Merchants for 12,000 Imperial Notes and 6,000 Imperial Notes respectively.
  • Mentor Merit has now been merged with Imperial Society Merit. The conversion rate for your Mentor Merit is 1:1. Additionally, the Store NPC’s for both Mentor and Imperial Society have been merged into one, for your convenience! * There are also new items to be purchased from this store!
  • The Premium Service has been updated! Now, if you miss any days, you will find a ‘Recoup’ button. If you've missed a day, you can pay a small sum of Aurum to receive the items you've missed.
  • The ‘100 point’ Activity Reward has been changed in the Road to Greatness. Now, you receive a ‘Participation Money Pouch’ with a chance to get a heap of Imperial Coins!

Additional Updates

  • Tree of Wisdom has now been fixed.
  • We have updated the in-game cash-shop with additional cosmetic items.
  • We have introduced caps on specific items within the cash shop to prevent foul-play.
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