Mythical Conflict Update

After the upheaval of New Sulan, we can all look forward to the game’s next major release knowing that things aren’t going to be quite so riotous. Cities aren’t being rebuilt and the interface isn’t being redesigned and Revelation Online won’t be feeling like a whole new game. Instead, it’ll just be getting a whole new gamemode.
Actually, that’s not quite true. There will be plenty of updates to the existing game, all of which we’ll be looking at before release. However, the focus of Mythical Conflict is very much on one thing: Legends of Nuanor - an innovative new PvP mode inspired by the ever-popular MOBA genre that’s going to feel right at home as part of Revelation Online.


  • Legends of Nuanor: Legends of Nuanor is a new multiplayer mode coming to Revelation Online as part of the Mythical Conflict update. It’s a 5v5 PvP battle that follows the established MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) template, in which combatants play not as their established main characters, but as “legendary” NPC Heroes from Nuanor’s backstory and lore.


  • Talents: Every one of the heroes that you control in the upcoming Legends of Nuanor game mode will be unique, but you can enhance their individuality further by bestowing them with one of ten Talents.


  • Hero profile - Frostbone: Many will find Frostbone to be a most troublesome opponent. Fast-paced and with impressive area-of-effect skills, her Frost Bow sets loose razor sharp arrows imbued with deadly cold that paralyzes opponents.


  • Hero profile - Akuta: The hot-blooded youth with searing powers!


  • Hero profile - Mac Steelgreave: The bane of the Northern Wolves is ready for the ultimate challenge!


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