Imperial Wars Update

You may have climbed the ladder on Moonsea, every PvP team reserves a spot just for you, and if players need some advice for their next clash, you are the go-to person. But can you help your server prevail against others? Will you overcome old rivalries and band together to fight for your server? The Imperial Wars Update is your chance to find out!


  • Imperial Wars: Basics - Fortresses will fall, foes will be slain, but the Imperial Wars Guide is here to bring you the knowledge to lead your server to victory!


  • Imperial Wars: Bidding and Matching - Bid to become the attacking or defending server! During this stage, the Imperial Wars Initiator from each server will bid for the right to participate. Bid rankings will determine whether the server becomes an attacker or defender.


  • Imperial Wars: Score System - Participating in the Imperial Wars is not for the weak as it requires a lot of preparation. You never know what the enemy server is up to. To help you focus on your war planning, we’ve assembled this guide about the point system.


  • Imperial Wars: Events - Imperial Wars are ripe with opportunities to state your server's supremacy. You can take part in objective-driven daily events.


  • Imperial Wars: Military Escort - Unfortunately, the resource and ration carts have come under attack from bands of enemy players and no-good rogues. The Quartermaster is requesting any group of soldiers looking for heart-pumping action to grab a cart and see it safely to the front lines.


  • Imperial Wars: Mercenaries - Warriors have gathered to form bands of fearless mercenaries who will fight for whoever pays them!


  • Imperial Wars: Rewards - Learn what great rewards you can get for fighting: outfits, ornaments, Class Focus Elements, and more!


  • Badges and Runes Update - We've added the Soul Skill Function to your badges. Soul Skills will enhance your 1-star and 2-star Special Skills to best fit your play style in the Imperial Wars!


  • Class Focus - Choose from various Focus options that can increase your damage and healing effects!


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