Heaven and Earth Update

We are excited to announce that our first major update of 2019, "Heaven and Earth" is now live. This update includes a large amount of new features and content for players of all aspects to enjoy! One highly anticipated feature of this update is the long-awaited Zodiac Temple - The Temple of the Twelve!

Content Table

Trailers - Temple of the Twelve - Battle Companions - New Road to Greatness - Family Oath System - Wedding System - Patch Notes



Temple of the Twelve

  • Dungeon Overview: Get your party together for some awesome encounters. This raid is specifically for a 5-person party! Once inside, speak to the Spirit Minister in each hall. This NPC will allow you to fight the bosses. The bosses you face will be at random, so you will never know who you’re about to fight!


  • Zodiac Bosses - Rat and Ox: Each hall within the Temple of the Twelve has their protector which corresponds to an animal of the zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. For this first insight to the Zodiac Bosses Lore, we will be focusing on the first two, the protectors of the Rat and Ox Temples.


  • Zodiac Bosses - Tiger and Rabbit


  • Zodiac Bosses - Dragon and Snake


  • Zodiac Bosses - Horse and Goat


  • Zodiac Bosses - Monkey and Rooster


  • Zodiac Bosses - Dog and Pig


Battle Companions

  • Basics: Some of the key rewards from the Temple of the Twelve include summoning tokens, experience items and much more, to maintain and upgrade your loyal companion who will dive right into the fray with you! Time Warp veterans, fear not, assistance is on the way!


  • Intimacy System: Battle Companions come with a key system: Intimacy. This is important as it will improve your Battle Companions effectiveness in combat!


New Road to Greatness

The central hub for everyone’s daily activities gets a fresh new look, making it a lot easier to track what is done, what isn’t and even new rewards for achieving activity points!


Family Oath System

Introduced in Heaven and Earth is the new Family Oath system! A party of up to 5 people can get together and create a family for extra rewards, buffs and more.


Wedding System

So, you’ve decided on marrying your significant other! How exciting! Well, let’s get right into how to proceed!


Patch Notes

Discover the full list of changes!


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