Mount Crafting

Crafting is a way of life in Nuanor, whether it’s assembling practical weapons and armor, forging items used for treasure hunting, or even improving the quality of your own mounts.


The five mount ranks are organized by color: Green – Blue – Purple – Gold – Orange. The higher the rank, the better the mount’s overall quality. Mounts can also be enhanced using mount essences, with higher ranking mounts typically having much higher maximum enhancement potential than lower-ranked mounts.

Where To Craft?

You can craft a mount by visiting Mount Master Oesenne Soorti in Sidus Ur.


What Materials Are Needed?

Most mounts require a Mount Philter and a Mount Spirit Book, but there are a few exceptions where additional materials may be required.

How to Get the Materials

Mount Philter Location
You can buy a Mount Philter from a Boutique merchant – they provide Precious Mount Boxes that contain crafting materials and a chance to contain entire mounts. If you’re really lucky, you might even find a Divine Mount, like the Divine Rainbow Stag! You can also acquire materials by salvaging any mounts you do not wish to keep.


Mount Spirit Book Location
This item can be purchased from a Mount Merchant in Sulan or Sidus Ur for 50,000 Imperial Notes.



Once you have maxed out your mount’s XP bars by using Mount Philters, you will then have the option to advance it, unlocking its final bar.


To view the Advancement panel, go to your Character screen by clicking it or pressing C on the keyboard. Click the magnifying glass icon next to your mount slot, then click on the Advancement tab at the bottom.

Once you have collected the required number of Mount Philters and the correct Mount Stone (corresponding to the grade of Mount you are advancing), click the Advancement tab. You will have maxed out your mount, which means additional effects that were once locked will now be unlocked for your upgraded mount.


Never underestimate the power of a happy, well-groomed mount. Take care of your mount and it will take care of you!

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