Scoring System

Participating in the Imperial Wars is not for the weak and requires a lot of preparation. You never know what the enemy server is up to. To help you focus on your war planning, we’ve assembled this guide about the points system.

Imperial Fealty

Imperial Fealty can be earned by completing Nation quests and by participating in attack and defense formations in battle. You can exchange Imperial Fealty for Badge Fragments, which can be combined to form Badges, and Focus Pills used for Class Focus. Need more Fealty? You can get some with Imperial Army Badges.

Imperial Honor

Imperial Honor can be earned by completing Nation quests or participating in Imperial War and other game modes. You can only obtain it, it's not consumed or deducted, and it's used to raise player Peerage Level.


War Points

War Points are a combination of Bearing, Resources, and Kill Points. They are reset at the start of a new round of Imperial War.

How to earn War Points:

  • Killing enemies: Head to the Imperial Frontier and kill players from the warring server.
  • Resources: Acquire resources by completing Imperial War Quests and crafting.
  • Bearing: Outstanding performance in Imperial Frontier battles will boost the Bearing of players on the same server and as such, reward War Points.

Earning 3,000 War Points rewards you with a Basic Reward Chest which provides plenty of Imperial Fealty.

Imperial War Points

Imperial War Points represent the sum of Slayer Points, Demonbane Points, Munitions Points, and Engagement Points. The server with the most Imperial War Points wins the Imperial Wars!

Earning points during the Preparation Phase

  • Slayer Points: You can earn 1,000 in total. The amount is based on the kill ratio of the two sides in the Imperial War.
  • Demonbane Points: 150 points in total. Each Chaos Crystal Beast slayer earns 25 points for a total of 150.
  • Munition Points: 500 points in total. Complete the Supply Cart quest to earn Munition Points for your nation. Points are based on the Supplies ratio of the warring parties.


Earning War Points by battle

Up to 2,800 points can be earned in the Imperial Wars. Points are calculated according to the positions occupied by both sides.

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