Military Escort

The Imperial Army Quartermaster believes that there is more to war than simply fighting the enemy. He knows the front lines need resources and rations to be effective.
Unfortunately, the resource and ration carts have come under attack from both enemy players and general no-good rogues. The Quartermaster is requesting any group of soldiers looking for heart-pumping action to grab a cart and see it safely to the front lines.


Accepting the Military Escort Quest & Warrants

From Tuesday to Sunday, 18:00-24:00 server time, you can find the Imperial Army Quartermaster at the Arsenal of the Imperial Frontier to accept the Supplies Cart Quest. The quest can be completed as a team, so team up and have fun!
You must have an Imperial Warrant to accept the Military Escort quest. Higher level Warrants provide a better chance of a more valuable Supplies Cart.
Only the player who accepts the Military Escort quest needs to use a Warrant. The other team members can keep theirs. So why would anyone give up their Warrant to accept the Military Escort quest? Because the player who used their Warrant will receive an extra reward from the Imperial Army. Better Warrants mean better rewards!


There are 3 types of Warrants: the Auros Cavalier Warrant, the Crimson Palladion Warrant, and the Dragoon Warrant.
If you don’t have a Warrant, you can purchase one from the Imperial Logistics Officer near the Imperial Army Quartermaster. You can also buy a Dragoon Warrant at the Item Shop.


You can only participate in the Supplies Cart escort quest twice daily. Be aware of the importance of the quest - the Supplies Cart is one of the main sources of Imperial Fealty.
Important: Attempts will be used up regardless of success, or whether you are the one who accepted the Supplies Cart escort quest or simply joined another player’s escort quest.

Rations & Iron Cart

After you accept the quest, you need to choose between 2 carts: a Rations Cart or an Iron Cart:

  • The Rations Cart receives only 80% damage but offers relatively few rewards. If you need more power, choose the Rations Cart.
  • The Iron Cart takes full damage but offers more rewards. If you are confident enough of your power, then choose the Iron Cart.


How to complete Military Escort?

After accepting the Military Escort Quest, the Supplies Escort will appear nearby. Remember to have a teammate ride the Cart. You must then visit each of the three Heralds to verify the Password.
Note: The Password must be verified according to the proper sequence. The Herald will not allow the Supplies Cart to pass otherwise. All players must be near the Herald when the passwords are given. Players that are too far will be denied access.


The Military Escort is an extremely dangerous quest because the Supplies Cart only has limited health and can be destroyed. Remember to team up with your friends to ensure safe delivery.
You can head to the enemy’s frontiers to attack and kill the Military Escort and obtain Seized Supplies. The Seized Supplies can be opened to receive plenty of Imperial Reward Tokens! You will gain more Imperial Reward Tokens if you defeat a Military Escort with a larger force.
Don’t despair if your Supplies Cart is destroyed! It will still have some Remaining Cargo. Collect the Remaining Cargo and submit it to the Battlefront Army Quartermaster to complete the Military Escort quest. However, you will receive fewer rewards.
The Supplies Cart must be delivered within 30 minutes or the Military Escort will end in failure.
Pro Tips:

  • If killed by a player from an enemy server, you can spend 5,000 Imperial Notes to directly teleport to the Supplies Cart instead of running all the way from the Respawn Point to the Cart. This feature will undoubtedly boost everyone’s confidence.
  • You can tap the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 buttons on the Guide interface for auto-pathfinding.

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