Daily activities

Imperial Wars are ripe with opportunities to show your server's supremacy. You can take part in objective-driven daily events.


When the Imperial War phase begins, all participants become either defenders or attackers. Daily quests are divided in the same way. There are plenty of quests you can complete, such as: Collect Resources, Frontier Guard, Military Escort, and more.

Activity Time Side Description
Gather Supplies Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 – 23:59 server time Attackers & Defenders A small amount of Chaos Ore will appear around the Spawning Point and the Fort. Ore resources are richer when you approach the central area. Lots of fine ore can be found in the caves. Both attackers and defenders can collect Chaos Ore in this area. Crafting allows you to convert Chaos Ore into Chaos Iron. Chaos Iron can then be handed in for bonus rewards.
Eliminate the Defending Army Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 – 23:59 server time Attackers Defeat players, Imperial Soldiers, Imperial Centurions, and the Imperial Defending General of the enemy nation to earn Valor. Once you earn 150 Valor, head to Pepin to complete the quest.
Frontier Guard Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 – 23:59 server time Defenders The enemy is dying for a fight. Use your martial prowess and teach them a lesson. Kill enemy players or enemy camp guards on the defenders’ side of the Frontier to gain Valor. Once you have collected 200 Valor, head to Gesimund Burnhalder to complete the quest.
Spy's Letter Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 – 23:59 server time Attackers Meet the secret agent, get the Spy’s Letter, and find intelligence nearby. You can find intelligence of varying qualities in the document cabinet. Cabinets closer to the enemy base offer better quality intelligence that provides better rewards.
Iron Return - Northern Camp Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 – 23:59 server time Defenders Those who accepted this quest can find an Ore Chest nearby. Ore Chests provide different qualities of Iron. Those who return with better quality Chaos Iron will be better rewarded.
Chaos Crystal Beast Tuesday to Sunday, 22:00 – 23:59 server time Attackers & Defenders Kill the boss monster Chaos Crystal Beast at the Chaos Crystal Lair. You can then collect Chaos Crystal from its body to get surprises and rewards.
Military Escort Tuesday – Sunday, 18:00 – 23:59 server time Attackers & Defenders Special escort gameplay at the Imperial Frontier. There are 2 types of escorts: Rations Cart and Iron Cart. More details will be revealed in a future guide!


Quest difficulty

To balance the Imperial War experience between stronger and weaker servers, a weaker server will have reduced quest (or event) difficulty if 2 servers with different Imperial Might are pitted against each other in an Imperial War.
For example, a strong server may have 5-star difficulty ratings for their quests (or events). Weaker servers will get 1-4 star difficulty ratings depending on the difference in Imperial Might. The rewards for quest completion will be the same for both servers.


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