Imperial Wars

Conflict and rivalry are etched into the foundations of Nuanor’s many battlegrounds. With various battlefields and arenas, the world is rife with PvP opportunities for novice and veteran warriors alike.


If you want to take the fight to the next level, consider taking part in the Imperial Wars, a series of weeklong match-ups between competing servers that go far beyond the PvP limitations of similar battlegrounds. New Imperial War battles begin every Monday at midnight, server time.

The Imperial Wars schedule is as follows:

Day Activity
Mondays Bidding Stage (all day until 20:00 server time), Opponent Matching Stage (21:00 to 22:00 server time)
Tuesdays Defense
Wednesdays Offense
Thursdays Defense
Fridays Offense
Saturdays Defense
Sundays Offense, Reset (23:59 server time)

Imperial Wars can be accessed by clicking the crossed swords icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Pressing Shift + H on the keyboard also brings it up. You must be level 69 or higher to participate.


The wars take place on a unique map. To access it, head to Crendus Drake in Sidus Ur (1526, 1510, 184), who will teleport you to either the offensive camp (if your server is attacking) or the defensive camp (if your server is defending). Depending on your server’s role, you will be able to perform specific tasks, such as mining ore, defending borders, etc.


The Imperial Wars mode encourages you to develop new skill sets to outwit, outlast, and outcompete rivaling servers in a race to earn the most point before the event resets on Sunday.

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